Game of Thrones: Have the Books Been Ruined?

As most book lovers know, books are almost always better than the tv show or the movie that they get turned into. Key word ALMOST.

In my opinion, Game of Thrones follows the same rule. I LOVE the books and the fantastical world that has been created because of them, and I LOVE the show because it brought my favourite fantasy world into reality.

What I don’t LOVE is that the sense of wonder I get from discovering a story for the first time has been ruined.

Any serious reader would know that waiting for new books in a series to come out is awful. It’s like experiencing something amazing and then being left with the hugest cliffhanger which won’t be resolved for years to come. YEARS.

What’s worse is that George R.R. Martin periodically releases new books in the Game of Thrones world that aren’t part of the main story. Sometimes he even helps edit other people’s books too. Yes, I do appreciate the fact that I get to step into the world again, but just give me what I want George and give me the extra stuff later.


The Winds of Winter Release News

I’ll still probably love the books when they come out and rush to the nearest bookstore to pick up my copy when it comes out, but I know I’m still going to get angry when I’m at the most suspenseful part in the book and I already know what happens because of the show.

For those of you who are like me and need something to fill your Westeros addiction I’d recommend A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. It takes place before the story the main books follow, but it’s a quick read I think you’ll enjoy.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Anyone who has enough willpower to stay away from the tv show until the books are done, STAY STRONG. I was like you once. I lived a happier life. I tried to stop watching the show when it caught up to the books but I caved. I am in your corner the whole way.

If anyone wants a sneak peak at the new book and haven’t read it yet here’s a chapter that has been released already.

Arianne Chapter

Next week I’ll let you guys know what how I feel about a certain blonde comic book character and his stuffed tiger.

Let me know what you guys think about Game of Thrones, and I’d love to hear from other book lovers about what books you guys want me to talk about.


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