A Tiger and His Boy


If you don’t know who Calvin and Hobbes are, then I seriously suggest you stop reading this post, google them, and spend about 15 to 20 minutes doing some “research”.

Heres a link if you’re too lazy.

Best of Calvin and Hobbes

I’ll give you a bit. Let me know when you’re done.


You’re back? Sweet.

Calvin and Hobbes are a six-year-old boy and his pet/stuffed tiger. The comics follow Calvin on his adventures with his stuffed tiger Hobbes, whom he believes is real. It makes some good cracks at family life, politics, and philosophy, with some much loved satire thrown in there.

The two of them get into a bunch of mischief, to the bane of Calvin’s parents and classmate Susie.

I don’t think comic books, especially these ones are just for kids. Truth be told, I only started liking Calvin and Hobbes when I was an adult. It’s funny, full of smart-ass remarks, and has some pretty philosophical topics for a six-year-old to come up with.

The comics didn’t even exist when I was a kid actually. Cartoonist Bill Waterson wrote them from November 18, 1985 to December 31, 1995. I was 6 months old when it ended.

There are hundreds of comic strips you can find of the duo, and I heavily suggest that you do look them up.

My favourite part of Calvin and Hobbes is the relationship between Calvin and his dad. His dad’s kind of fits the stereotypical dumb dad role, and he really doesn’t know how to deal with such a wild kid like Calvin.

There was one fan-made story about Calvin that really pulls at the ol’ heart strings. Ill include a link below. Flood warning though, you may want a tissue or two.

Calvin and Hobbes Ending

I’d love to see some of your favourite strips of the two. Feel free to throw them in the comments section or send me an email.


Next week I’m gonna look at the book that tells the true story of one of the best revenge plots ever written. Yes I know it’s confusing.


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