The Count

This is a tale, about a guy, who wrote a book about a guy, who inspired another book.

That’s pretty simple. Right?

To make it a little easier for you, theres a book out there called The Count of Monte Cristo (you should read it, it’s good, plus its one of the best stories of revenge out there, also a good movie).

That book is based off of a man named Alexandre Dumas, but a fictional retelling of his life, not what really happened to him (its actually written by his son, another Alexandre Dumas).

The Black Count is the book that tells the real story of the older Alexandre Dumas and took Tom Reiss 10 years to research and write. Reiss ended up winning a Pulitzer Prize for The Black Count.

Not gonna lie, its not a page turner. You won’t be staying up till 3 in the morning so you can finish as soon as possible. It’s a little bit of a slow read, but if you enjoy history I definitely recommend it.

Even if history isn’t your thing it’s still good. It’s an interesting story that has some very interesting historical characters and events. It’s also about a man of African descent, succeeding in a world where he was not meant to succeed.

The book has a little bit of everything. Romance. Betrayal. Warfare. Near-death experiences. What else can you ask for from a book right?

The Black Count has also been picked and will possibly be turned into a movie.

For next week I want you all to imagine Forest Gump running around Rome chasing after some long-lost secret society. Hope thats enough of a hint.

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