Blast From The Past


Growing up as a kid and loving books its tough finding something to read that isn’t too “babyish” but at the same time something that I will understand.

I also really loved knights and going on adventures.

Thats how I found the Redwall series.

My Nanny had bought me my first Redwall book and I fell in love right away.

The books are set in a world where there are no humans, instead various animals take the place of humans.

For the most part, any “bad” animals like rats, ferrets, cats and all reptiles are the bad guys in the series, and “good” animals like mice, rabbits, hedgehogs and more are the heroes and good guys in the stories.

It’s a fantastic series that follows animals across multiple generations that live in Redwall Abbey.

If you don’t want to read the entire 22 book series there are a few “main” books that are considered the main storyline.

  • Martin the Warrior
  • Mossflower
  • Redwall
  • Mattimeo

These books were also turned into a cartoon.

I can’t recommend these books enough to anybody who hasn’t read them. Even as I write this post about them I am remembering all of the adventures I went on with the characters and I kind of want to read them all again.

Hell, maybe I will.

They’re primarily meant for children, but they are complex enough that they will interest adult readers as well.

If you don’t want to read them but know of a young kid who loves reading, then I definitely recommend getting a book or two from this series to see if they will enjoy them.

What books did you guys love reading growing up? Let me know in the comments or feel free to shoot me an email.

Next week I’m gonna look at our first manga series, about a little blonde kid. As I write this it is raining outside. It’s a terrible day for rain.

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