Book Review: Stormlight Archive 1-3

I’m gonna start by giving you all a warning…this post is probably going to be my longest post to date.  Hope you all enjoy!

So far there are 3 books in the Stormlight Archive series.

  • The Way of Kings
  • Words of Radiance
  • Oathbringer

The BEST part of these books is the world that they are in. In one book, Brandon Sanderson is able to create an entire world of fairies, apocalypse level events, mystical gods, and strange humanoid creatures, men in magical armour fighting each other (which is my favourite part of the series so far) and thats just scratching the surface.

By the end of three books we probably have 20% of the whole world, and its amazing. Now I just need to wait 2 years for the next book to come out.

Little bit of complaining below…

Something that really bothers me in some fantasy-genre books is character names. In my opinion there are 4 ways to name characters in fantasy books.

  1. Give the characters regular names of people.
  2. Give the characters unique names, that some people have.
  3. Give characters names that are obviously made up, but easy to understand and read.
  4. Give the characters names that are obviously made up but impossible to understand or pronounce.

Can you guess which one I like the most?


If you’re writing about a make-believe world, DON’T USE REGULAR NAMES.

If the fantasy world ties in to the real world then fine, I’ll accept the use of somewhat irregular names.

On the other hand, don’t give me names that everyone pronounces a little differently and it takes a tweet from the author to give the actual pronunciation.

Find a good balance of normal sounding and easily pronounced names but at the same time clearly made up.

Now I know I’m not an expert and there are exceptions to my rules, but thats just my opinion.

It’s not even just the 3 books in the Stormlight Archive series  that tie in together. In fact all of Sanderson’s books are in the same “world”.

I haven’t read them all but from the research I have done the various books have the same “gods” and magical powers but are in  different realms/timelines.

Thats another aspect of this book that I love; the use of “magic”.

It’s not magic in the sense that the person shoots out spells and hexes and stuff. Instead they absorb “energy” and use the energy to perform certain abilities based off of their “class” or skill-set.

There are a few issues I have with the books. One of the main characters is really hard to like at first. They did grow on me, but it took almost the entirety of all 3 books, and I’m on the fence some days.

The other problem is it can follow too may characters sometimes. It does swap between perspectives, and gives some outside perspectives during the interludes, but sometimes we will follow a character for half of the book, and then not hear from them again.

I’m sure Sanderson has a good reason for this, and it really doesn’t take away from the story at all, just a personal preference I guess.

They’re really a masterpiece and I can’t recommend them enough to people.

Whats your favourite fantasy series? Let me know because I’m always looking for more to read!

Next weeks book is about a girl who falls in love with a number. That’s a pretty easy hint.

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