Book Review: Wheel of Time Books 1-3

Hello ladies and gentlemen, no book review today… Sorry. Instead I’m gonna talk about a problem I’ve had my whole life that really causes me some grief.

There’s no good way to talk about it, so I’m just gonna put it out there.


Every time I walk into a book store I buy at least one book. I don’t even need them! I have 50+ books all stacked in the corner of my room just collecting dust.

I buy books faster than I can read them.

I’m pretty sure I’ve bought the same book two or three times before too.

I was joking about the book review though, its coming now. 

I stumbled across the Wheel of Time series when I found myself in a bookstore one day.

I had never even heard of it, I just stumbled across them by accident while looking in the Fantasy section.

I was amazed when I saw there were 14 books in the series.

I didn’t read a single thing about them, I don’t even think I read the titles of all the books. I grabbed the box set for books 1 to 3, paid for it and went home.

It just so happens that I am covering books 1 to 3 in this review, but I won’t necessarily be covering each box set as a whole.

I’m reviewing the first three books because I consider them as a different “storyline” than the ones afterwards.

081251181651o6FqtKYzL._SX305_BO1,204,203,200_    WoT03_TheDragonReborn

The first three books are called:

  • The Eye of the World
  • The Great Hunt
  • The Dragon Reborn


Books 1 to 3 are more about the “hero” of the books (Rand) before he becomes the full fledged hero. All of the books after that are more focused on Rand when he has adopted the role of the hero, so I will cover them accordingly.

I’m only on book 6, but so far they mainly focus on 5 people coming from a small village in the middle of nowhere.

They go from being basically nobody in the grand scheme of the world to becoming some of the most important people alive at the time.

I’m in love with the series so far, and the first three books are great.

If you’re even decently well read, you’ll be able to see where Robert Jordan got a lot of his inspiration from, but honestly I’m okay with having parallels from these books to other works of fiction.

What’s really interesting about the first three books is the change that the 5 main characters go through when their worlds are torn apart.

Wot-_egwene Egwene, one of the main characters.

All five of them have different wants, needs, and personalities, and Robert Jordan does a terrific job at keeping the characters consistent while telling the story.

Mat_cauthon_son_of_battles_by_reddera-d993o0f Mat

Personally, I really like the characters Perrin and Mat. They are two of the main characters in the books. The other three are awesome in their own ways  but not my favourites.

Another interesting aspect of the books are the women in general.

UnknownNynaeve, one of the main characters.

Robert Jordan writes most of his women in a way that show how strong, independent, and capable (often more so than the men) they are and it’s an enjoyable read because of it.

Most books have capable women who can keep up with the men, but honestly in the first three books it’s the men who are keeping up with the women.

The main character is Rand, but despite him being the focus of the books, his viewpoint still has to compete with other viewpoints that are being told, and honestly, during the first three books Rand’s viewpoint is the least interesting. (In my opinion)

Perrin Perrin

Hope you guys enjoyed the book review. Honestly I could write a book about everything I want to talk about so I’m keeping it “short”.

I want to hear what you guys are reading at the moment. I love hearing what others are reading because it’s a chance to talk about books that we have read or may be interested in.

Next week I’m gonna take a look at a book thats about a serial killer and a ferris wheel. Hope you can guess what it is.


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