What does my library look like?

There is one thing that all book lovers should be proud of, and that is their library. Some people prefer a small library, consisting of only a few shelves of books, or even only a few books. Others (like myself) have a lot of shelves packed with books, which still isn’t enough room to contain all of the books they own.

Everyone has a different preference, and I don’t know anyone who would argue that their library is better than someone else’s. What really matters is thats it is your own personal library.

Now you’re all probably wondering what my library looks like.

Well here it is…

It’s nothing special really, but there are a row of books behind each of the rows in the picture. I’ve got a giant stack of books in the corner of my room with all the books I plan on reading in the future…but the stack only seems to get taller as time goes on.

The reason I prefer keeping a lot of my books is because of the fond memories I have of them, whether it is a memory of me reading the book, or a memory I have of the book itself.

I don’t read a lot of books that I dislike. The odd book I will have to force myself to get through, but most books I read I fall in love with in some way.

It could be that it taught me something. It could be a book that I rediscovered after years of it being lost. Maybe I grew attached to some of the characters that were in the book. Each book that I choose to own is a part of me in some way.

Over time I have gotten rid of some books, mainly because they were books I forced myself to get through, or they were books that were supplementary to the main story, and I chose to keep the main books only.

That is the one thing that each person’s library should contain.


Each book should have a memory that comes with it, or an emotion that comes to you when you think back at your time spent reading. It might be a quick second of anger when you remember what happens to one of the characters, or it might be a moment of inspiration when you’re remembering someone’s biography.

It doesn’t really matter what comes to you when you remember the books you’ve read, as long as something does.

George R.R Martin sumed up reading in the most beautiful way I can imagine.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

That is one of the beautiful things about reading. You have the opportunity to experience other people, other worlds, other stories, and whether you remember them fondly or not, the fact that you experienced them at all is what truly matters.

I’d love to see everyone’s libraries. Throw a picture in the comments or shoot me an email. It might give me new ideas to add to my To Read list too!

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