Manga Review: Bleach


Author: Tite Kubo

I’m a big supporter of mangas, and I honestly prefer them over comic books myself.

The biggest determining factor as to whether or not I will read a manga is the art style. If the first 5 chapters have an art style that I don’t like, I quit reading (I give it 5 chapters to see if it grows on me). If I like the art style, I keep reading, usually until the end or until I catch up to the publications.

Bleach was a manga that I had actually first started as an anime, but was interested enough to go explore the manga instead.

Overall, I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with Bleach.

Yeah it had cool fight scenes, and some of the Shinigami had AWESOME weapons, Shikai and Bankai (if you don’t know what those are then time to read the manga!).


I was even okay with the newcomer and main character being a total bad ass (for a while at least).

What really bothered me about Bleach was 3 things.

I.) The main character (Ichigo) was constantly using main characteritis to do more and more ridiculous things.

I’m okay with the main character being weirdly strong right off the hop, as long as it makes some sort of sense, but when the main character is one of the strongest Shinigami at the time, after only a few weeks of being one, meanwhile some of the people he beats have been for years; or even decades, is something I can’t get over.


II.) The fact that there was no real idea of bigger and badder enemies in each arc, it felt more like INSERT AUTHOR kept pulling out more and more ridiculous stories just to make some sense.

A manga like Naruto has different villains every arc, but there is an overall villain that is mentioned pretty early on, even if we don’t know much about them when they are first introduced. I think this approach goes a longer way to keeping readers interested in the manga, and enjoying the mystery behind it too.

III.) Bleach suffers from the terrible, “rushing to finish the story so we are gonna make it really bad and have a lot of unhappy readers” disease. 

Not a lot of the mangas I have read suffer from this disease, but when they have a case of it, it’s really bad. I’m not saying the Bleach manga ending is bad, actually I think the opposite. I really enjoyed the ending, I just didn’t enjoy how fast it went.

Again I’m gonna stress this, probably not for the last time, THE END IS JUST AS IMPORTANT, IF NOT MORE IMPORTANT, THAN THE START OF THE BOOK.

Yes, the start of the book is what hooks readers in, and yes the beginning of a book is the first impression a person gets from the book, but in my opinion, the last impression is more important.

When I put down a book for the last time, it’s not after reading the first pages of it, it’s after reading the last pages of the book. If the end of the book is rushed and doesn’t fit the rest of the story, readers are not likely to have fond memories or the book.

Next week I’m gonna take a look at a book mentioned by Professor X in the original X-Men trilogy (I believe the second one).

Did you enjoy Bleach? Why or why not? Let’s talk about it in the comments. 


3 thoughts on “Manga Review: Bleach

  1. I have fond memories of the first two arcs of the manga. Especially the very first one due to its charm.

    But alas, I gave up on it after Kubo pretty much showed his incompetence in writing compelling characters and crafting a coherent plot. What a shame, considering it played a role in shaping me as a fan of Japanese media.


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