Type it Out Tuesdays

So today’s writing prompt might be a bit sad, but I think using writing prompts that evoke different emotions are important for a lot of reasons…so here it is:

You and your wife find out that you are going to be having a baby in a few months.

The next morning, you get a call from your Commanding Officer and he tells you that your unit is being suddenly shipped off the next morning without warning.

You say your goodbyes, and a few months pass. You are looking at a picture of your beautiful baby girl, while surrounded by gunfire and explosions.

The situation looks grim, and you say perhaps your last goodbye to your wife and daughter…

What is it that you say to them? (Try to stay under 100 words)

Like I said, it can be a bit sad, but I hope you enjoy it.

As always, I’d love to hear what you make of it.

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