Type it Out Tuesdays: February 19

From what I could find, there really isn’t anything special about today, but since it is Reading Week for a lot of college and university students, I thought I’d make this week’s writing prompt related to that…

Here it is:

You’ve booked a last minute vacation with your best friend. You saw how cheap the flights were and couldn’t pass up an oppportunity to spend a week on a beach in Mexico.

After a lenghty flight sitting next to a crying baby and the grandma who fell asleep on your shoulder, you finally check in to your hotel and are ready to hit the beach.

You find some open chairs and you lay down to soak up that hot sun, when you spot the most perfect specimen (gender is your choice) coming from the water.

What happens next?

Hope you all enjoy this one. As always, if you get a chance to write anything using one of my writing prompts I’d love to hear about it.

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