Best Bookstores in all 50 States

So any book lover has their favourite book stores, but some people like to travel the world finding book stores.

This isn’t world wide, but definitely worth the read if you’re interested in traveling around the U.S.A to find some cool book stores.

Check out the best book store in all 50 states here


7 thoughts on “Best Bookstores in all 50 States

  1. Cool list! I have to disagree with the Connecticut choice though. They have a used bookstore called The Book Barn. It’s so big it occupies 4 different physical locations. I could wander their stacks for days!


      1. I live in RI and unfortunately we are pretty small. I actually haven’t been to Cellar Stories before so I’ll have to check it out. I can think of a few used book shops in Ohio in a town called Yellow Springs, OH. They weren’t the greatest book shops ever, but the town was so much fun I just drifted from shop to shop and enjoyed it very much! One of them had a resident cat that was super cute.


      2. Right?! I always make a point to visit local bookshops when I travel.

        I guess I prefer used book shops because I feel like there are so many more treasures to find. Different covers, hardbacks, out-of-print books… whereas new, it’s generally the same fare, just a different setting.


      3. Exactly! I pretty much only buy new books at big name stores, but I always go into smaller book shops and will always leave with at least one used book every time, the older the better lol


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