Wednesday News: Could you give up your books?

I’m sure we have all heard of Marie Kondo by now. She’s the Netflix lady that has the show about tidying up and getting rid of unneeded items in the home.

I haven’t gotten around to watching it quite yet, but I hear it’s good, and I think the point of the show has some relevancy in society. Too many people hold on to things that are pointless and unnecessary.

I myself of guilty of just that, but one thing I don’t think I could ever give up is my books. I’m sure some of them I could get rid of pretty easily. I read them once and I don’t really have a desire to read them again.

SOme of my books though, I can’t see myself parting with ever. Even if I don’t read them again, I think the simple fact that I own them is comforting in a way.

 from The Millions wrote an interesting article about her opinion on whether she could give up some of her books or not and you should check it out below.

Does it Spark Joy?

4 thoughts on “Wednesday News: Could you give up your books?

  1. I only buy hardcover books I wouldn’t give up, Bernard Cornwell, Stephen King, Crichton, etc. Occasionally I come across a good used book sale and buy some I plan to read and those I would (and do) give up.

    I’m just not the re-reader type! I have exactly 2 books in my life I’ve ever re-read. I keep the ones I love as sort of collectors items I suppose, and because a house isn’t a home without books.

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    1. I tend to buy paperback, just because I ruin books easily and they’re cheap. I just love the fact that I can keep them for years to come, but I know that I need to get rid of some. I have hundreds that are just taking up space and it’s awesome thinking of having a house that can fit them all, but I’ll probably need to face reality and start giving some up soon

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      1. I gave up a bunch of mine a couple years ago. Took them to a used book shop and traded them in for stuff I actually wanted. I have no regrets.


      2. I plan on moving soon, so this might be a good idea. I have some I’d love to keep, but I know I’ll never around to reading them again. Might as well trade them in for books I’ll read in the future

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