Wednesday News: May 1

The audiobook and physical book “debate” has been around since audio books came around. Some people say only succesful people listen to audio books, others listen to it because of a physical impairment, or because they don’t have time to sit down and read a book.

How do you prefer to read your books?

James Tate Hill wrote a great article about audiobooks, and defends their use for “normal” people.

Audiobooks are not lesser versions of reading and are not only for “successful people.”


One thought on “Wednesday News: May 1

  1. I think it really all boils down to convenience. A lot of people I know who listen to audiobooks listen to it in their car on their way to work or when they’re tidying up the house. I don’t have a car, I commute to work using the tube and it’s more convenient for me to read a physical book. If I were to drive to work then I’d listen to audiobooks. I think work comes into play for the most part, really, but I’ve also heard that audiobooks are often narrated really well which sounds like a lot of fun!


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