Wednesday News: May 15 2019

Do you give writing advice to people?

Do you take writing advice to other?

Has it helped you before? Or does it all get mixed in with the endless information and tips that will “make you a better writer”.

Maybe getting writing advice isn’t the way to go. Maybe you just need to solve the problem for yourself, and figure out what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Either way, you should definitely read this article by Guy Gavriel Kay. He discusses getting writing advice, and how it may not be all it’s worked out to be.

One thought on “Wednesday News: May 15 2019

  1. I meant to comment on this yesterday- because I did actually read that article (thank you for directing me to it!).

    I’m sort of going through something similar now. I’ve written a book and I’ve started querying it to agents and every thing I read related to writing is someone telling people: “You’re doing it wrong.”

    At the same time agents and editors say they want “fresh” and “new”. How do you expect people to give you fresh and new when in the same breath you want everything to be the same, follow the same standards, do/accomplish the exact same things? It’s different than Kay’s essay, because it’s not someone telling me where or when to write or how to get over writer’s block, but it’s still frustrating. Anyway- great post.


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