Quote of the Day: Blood Eye

In keeping with my regular Friday tradition, I’ve got some quotes from Blood Eye for you, which was covered by the wonderful Sarah Houser this week as a guest post. There were some pretty vulgar quotes, so I limited the number of curse words. Hope you enjoy them!

“A strong arm kills but a cunning mind keeps you alive” 

“Even war gods fear their wives, then, Sigurd reflected sourly. ‘She is already warping my ear for taking three sons into the same fight,’ Harald went on. ‘If I took you too she would make what you did to Olaf look like a kiss on the cheek.’ He frowned. ‘Look now! Her eyes are into us like cat’s claws.” 

“Pagan or Christian a man is never happier than when he has emptied his balls and drunk his fill.” 

“You can go back the way you came, but that course in itself feels stale, for you merely re-live what has already been.” 

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Blood Eye

  1. Great quotes Andrew! I wish I had flagged a few more, but I think I was so frustrated with the book it didn’t occur to me. He really is a good writer.


    1. He does have some good quotes I’ll give him that, but some were pretty vulgar or only made sense in context of the story so it didn’t make sense to include them. I’m on the fence whether I want to read this now

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      1. There were a lot of vulgarities in this book. And I’m really not one who gets hung up on that, but his constant use of the B* Word to refer to women really ticked me off.

        It’s obvious that his target audience was men, but I hate the assumptions:
        A) that all men would be okay with that kind of language/treatment of women
        B) that women don’t enjoy these kind of stories too.

        I would be interested to see if his writing has gotten better since the release of this novel. (I can hope right?)


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