Movie Review: Toy Story 4

Toy story is a movie that most of you have seen and or grown up with. They are some of the best kids movies around, and we all probably had a little Buzz or Woody toy at some point in time.

I was okay with Toy Story 2, and 3 nearly had me in tears a few times, and I was perfectly happy with how it ended at the end of Toy Story 3.

I didn’t need, or necessarily even want a Toy Story 4, but I heard it was pretty good so I figured I should go watch it.

Overall, it was a good movie. I liked how it ventured into a different set of toys, and that the bad guy turned good in the end.

My problem with it, is that I don’t think it was necessary. The ending seems kind of odd to me, but it did raise some interesting questions in my mind.

It seems like they just made the movie because of the money they would make. I guess Woody is the main character of the entire series, but I didn’t really care about him in that way. He’s no longer the favourite toy of Andy, and so he just leaves. He leaves his friends behind because he’s not the top dog anymore.

To me it seemed sort of empty. There wasn’t much weight to it. Before he left, Woody was all about making sure Bonnie was happy and helping her cope with kindergarten, but then suddenly he wants to leave.

I get he wants to run away with the “woman” he loves, but his growth from having a child to wanting to run away seemed sort of forced to me, but that might just be me.

For the most part we see toys that are owned by someone, mainly Andy.

But what about toys that don’t have owners? What about toys you win at a carnival.

We kind of get to experience these things in Toy Story 4, which was really cool. I had never thought about that before, so exploring those questions a bit was interesting to me, but it did bring new questions to mind.

One thing I couldn’t stop imagining was what happened when toys were destroyed or when a toy is broken.

We dive into those ideas a little bit, but being a Disney/Pixar movie, there isn’t too much on it.

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