Today’s post is more of a news related post, but it fits in with other Thursday posts too, so I decided to write it today instead.

As of today I am still living at home with my parents. I am one course away from a getting two degrees, but I have found myself a pretty good job while finishing up school and a few months ago I found an apartment to move into…which is happening this weekend.

I move into my own place on September 1 with just me and my doggo. I’m a bit scared, but overall excited to move out. It’s a big step but I guess it’s time for me to become this “adult” thing I’ve heard so much about.

This shouldn’t affect my daily posting in the long run, but there might be a few days next week where I don’t have any WiFi to publish a post, but I might be willing to type up some of the shorter posts on my phone or something, but I doubt I’d type up a book review that way.

Either way, things are changing for me. New apartment, school starting, and who knows what else that will take up some of my free time. I’m excited for it all to be happening, but I’m sure it will be pretty stressful at time.

I will do my best to give you your daily fix of content, but this is just a fair warning that there may be a day or two that you miss.

For those of you that have lived on your own…any tips? Let me know in the comments. Any help is appreciated.

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