TV Review: Supernatural Season 2

As I write this post, I am actually finishing up the final episode of season 2, and I gotta say, this season is something special. Going off of memory, this is probably one of the better seasons.

I’ll probably throw in a season ranking order at the end of each post, but I might forget to do that in further posts.

What I really enjoy about this season is that it found a good mix of one off episodes of hunting some monster and episodes with a focus on the overall story; Sam and the other “gifted” people and why they were all chosen by the Yellow Eyed Demon.

I think the best seasons find a good balance of the two. It’s nice seeing the one off episodes where we are introduced to different monsters and characters because these episodes usually have a different feel to each of them. Some are funnier, some explore different styles of cinema, and some we get a good connection with Sam and Dean.

The “main” episodes are good too. The earliest seasons all have one goal in mind, and the story leads up to that point. Some of the later seasons miss this overarching story and its noticeable, but the earliest seasons do a good job of balancing the side stories and the main one.

To dive a bit deeper into the main story, there is a mystery that Sam and Dean are trying to solve – why Sam and all these other people have these powers, and what the Yellow Eyed Demon wants from them.

We get to see a few of them over time, but it leads to the ultimate battle at the end of the season…a battle royale between all the kids.

Sam dies in the fight, and is later resurrected by a deal that Dean made with a crossroads demon…which is going to lead to one of my favorite seasons (and a few of my favorite episodes) in season 3.

The Sam and Dean dynamic gets hashed more this season, and to me that’s probably one of the weaker parts of the season. I love their dynamic with each other. I think they bounce off of each other perfectly, and Dean has some hilarious childish moments.

My problem with their dynamic though, is that there is some rifts between their viewpoints this season, and the resolution of these problems doesn’t sit well with me. Sam is struggling with the idea that he might turn into a monster one day like all of the other “children”, while Dean struggles with the fact that he doesn’t really belong among the living any more because he isn’t supposed to be here, his dad is.

The two of them sort of deal with these thoughts, but they sort of just get left alone over time. Now this isn’t the only time things just get forgotten, but it is probably the first.

I guess you could say its the “manly” thing to do…just dealing with the feelings and all, and it makes sense why Sam and Dean have such a hard time mentally and emotionally in further seasons, it just kinda sucks to see it happening.

We end the season with one less main enemy – Dean managed to kill the YED with the Colt, but we are left with a few things.

  1. Not knowing if Sam is purely Sam…he seems a bit more “evil”
  2. All the demons that were released into the world with the opening of the demon gate…someone’s gotta deal with them.
  3. Who’s next. The brothers think they killed the big bad guy, so they don’t really know what to expect next…but boy does it get good.

Well, the end of the episode is coming up, and I have some boxes left to pack before I move out tomorrow. Not sure I’ll be able to finish all of season 3 by next Saturday, but either way you’ll still get your review.

Overall Season Rank:

  1. Season 2
  2. Season 1

2 thoughts on “TV Review: Supernatural Season 2

  1. My favorite season will always be the first. I preferred the monster hunting with the story of the missing Dad to later when the focus feels like it’s mostly angels and demons and saving one or the other brother’s soul.

    That’s not to say that story is bad- it’s just I enjoyed the different urban legends and mythologies, and they became significantly less of a focus as the show went on.

    Great review!


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