Supernatural Season 5 Review

From what I know, this season was the original intended end to the show.

It wasn’t supposed to go past this, and you can really tell by the way this season ends. Now that Lucifer has been freed, Sam and Dean are looking for ways to stop him and the Apocalypse.

We find out Dean is the chosen vessel for Michael, and Sam is the chosen vessel for Lucifer. Both the angels and demons want this battle to happen because they both think they will win.

Sam, Dean and their allies don’t want this to happen because millions if not billions of lives will be lost in the process, so they look for an alternative measure.

Some way to kill Lucifer.

They seek out other gods, they try the colt, they look for God himself, and even try and get the Archangel Gabriel to help them, but nothing works. Nothing they do can stop Lucifer, so instead they need to imprison him.

They need to throw him back in the cage where he was sealed for millions of years.

Dean struggles throughout the entire season, knowing that he could say yes to Michael and end the Apocalypse before it even starts, but that would mean he dies in the process.

Sam struggles with a similar choice, but he believes he can take control back from Lucifer and jump into the cage, sacrificing himself in the process to stop the Apocalypse.

There is a lot of internal struggles for the brothers, and plenty of other characters throughout the season, and it’s the beginning of one of the reasons people don’t like the show.

I understand why the brothers would have such serious mental health issues. I mean they’re constantly in near death situations, people they know and don’t know die in front of their eyes on a weekly basis, and they constantly feel like they’re failing someone.

All of that tears a man apart, so it’s understandable that the brothers suffer from these life and death situations.

I’ve read a bit online though that people get annoyed with the emotions of the brothers because their emotions don’t make any sense.

They jump between healthy and having issues all the time, and there is no consistency.

No I understand that it can be difficult dealing with mental health problems, and honestly that’s one of my favourite things about the show.

Sam and Dean probably don’t deal with it in the best way, they fight through their pain. I believe it is the people they save, the few that thank them for their work, or the child that can live a full life because of what they do is what gets them through each day.

Overall, it was a good season. The addition of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a nice little touch, and we don’t get to see as much hunting behind the scenes.

Usually I would be upset about that because those random hunt episodes are sometimes the best ones, but in this season I was okay with it being more focused on the Apocalypse. Overall Season Ranking:

Overall Season Ranking:

  • Season 3
  • Season 5
  • Season 4
  • Season 2
  • Season 1

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