One Piece Arc Review: Little Garden

The Little Garden arc is sort of a forgotten arc in the One Piece manga.

It comes just after the Straw Hats leave Whiskey Peak, on their regular island to island hop, beating tyrants and saving the oppressed.

The crew meets two giants, Dorry and Broggy and the first giants we get to meet, and they learn of the duel the two giants are fighting.

They are fighting eachother for honour, and neither side is willing to give up the duel, in respect of themselves and eachother.

Of course, watching two giants fight eachother is much too easy, so Baroque Works comes back into the mix, causing some mischief by interruption the duel.

The Strawhats try and fight back, eventually beating the Baroque Works agents, and restoring the honour of the two giants, who help the crew escape the island before continuing their duel.

There’s honestly not much to say about this arc.

I have a hunch that Dorry and Broggy will be important later on in the story, for the final battle, but they don’t really do much since their introduction.

They are brought up later on when Luffy and crew meet one of the giants that was a part of their crew, but it’s sort of a flashback moment more than advancing the plot at all.

I’m not choosing to bring up next to nothing about this arc because I think its bad, there’s honestly just not much to say about it.

I think the biggest thing that this arc brings is a connection to future arcs. Dorry and Broggy get brought up in the Water 7 arc, and later when Doflamingo holds the fighting tournament.

Otherwise they are basically unimportant.

Mr 3 is introduced in this arc, with his trusty partner Miss Goldenweek. We don’t see Miss Goldenweek after her defeat in this arc, but Mr. 3 comes back.

He is a key player in the future Marineford War, and teams up with Buggy when he becomes a Warlord.

We don’t get a new crew member, we don’t defeat any important bad guys, and we don’t get introduced to anyone immediately important.

I’d probably throw Little Garden on the lower end of the overall arc ranking, only because it is sort of forgettable. If it was built on more, having more characters and a deeper plot, then yeah it would probably be much higher up.

One thing we do get from the arc, one very small thing, is the little rivalry between Sanji and Zoro. It’s not my favourite aspect of the manga, but it does make some sense and it has provided a moment or two of entertainment.

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