One Piece Arc Review: Drum Island

Hello again ladies and gentlefolk. It’s been quite a while since I have posted, but I took a self-inflicted break from the blog for a few reasons.

Last you probably heard from me, I had given an update on some of the movies I was watching for October, posting book reviews, and throwing in the odd movie/tv show review.

I suddenly stopped posting because of a few different reasons. The first, and main reason, is that I wanted to take a break and refresh myself. I had a few things going on in my life that I needed and wanted to do, and I didn’t want to hurt the quality of the blog posts in order to do it.

I thought it would be better just to take a break from the blog until I figured a few things out. I was going to post a few weeks ago, but I decided to extend the break until I could get a few ideas worked out for what I wanted to do on the blog.

There will be a more in-depth post about my break coming on Thursday, but for now, I figured I’d give you a brief summary before cracking open a brand new review for the Drum Island Arc in One Piece.

There is a lot wrong about the Drum Island Arc, but there is also a lot right with it too. When I think about whether or not I like the arc, I find I am split right down the middle.

Some of the Pros about Drum Island: Chopper, Vivi, Dr. Hiriluk.

Some of the Cons about Drum Island: The story and the villains.

There’s not a lot going for Drum Island that isn’t the characters we get to meet for the first time. What I think the Drum Island Arc is meant to do, is give the greater One Piece world some flavour.

The first half of the story (East blue and the paradise half of the grand line) does a great job of letting the Straw Hat Pirates travel from island to island, going on whatever adventures pop up. Drum Island is another example of this type of storytelling, but it also ties into the Alabasta Arc that comes afterwards.

With the Drum Island arc, we get introduced to an important character. Vivi we already knew, but we get to see the type of Princess and person she is when she decides to stop at the island to help find a cure for Nami.

Dr. Hiriluk is an important character, but more so in the way he influenced Chopper, the reindeer who becomes the doctor in the Straw Hat crew.

Without the Chopper Hiriluk backstory, I’m sure this arc would be in the bottom three arcs of the entire series.

Wapol, the bad guy, is one of the weakest enemies the Straw Hats fight in the entire series. He isn’t overly strong, and his lackeys are more annoying than actually a threat.

He re-enters the series later on, many years later, but he is still more annoyance than actual threat.

In terms of the story that goes on during Drum Island, there isn’t much of one. Basically, Nami gets sick, and the Straw Hats need to find a doctor on Drum Island. They find that there is only one doctor on the island, who lives on top of a unimpeachable mountain.

Other than that small story-line, the entire arc is really just a drawn-out flashback about Chopper and how he became a doctor, despite being a reindeer.

As I am writing this review, I would probably give Drum Island a very slightly positive review. The emotional backstory for Chopper puts it just over the positive edge. It’s not by much, but I like the potential that Chopper has in the story, despite being underutilized for most of the series.

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