Supernatural Season 8 Review

Last we saw the brothers, Dean got sucked into Purgatory along side Castiel after stopping Dick Roman and the Leviathan.

A lot of people are not fans of the Leviathan, but like I mentioned before, I didn’t mind them at all. What’s a bit upsetting about them though is that they are just forgotten after that.

They are brought up for a moment, but sort of brushed off, so hypothetically there could be a Leviathan or two lying low somewhere, but they don’t appear in Season 8 at all.

Season 8 starts with a bit of a bumpy road for the brothers and Cass. Dean escapes from Purgatory (were we ever really worried?), but Castiel doesn’t, and we don’t know why at first.

Sam on the other hand has had a pretty easy year. While Dean was fighting for his life day in and day out, Sam moved in with a girl, Amelia, and they started a life together.

This obviously causes a bit of a rift between Sam and Dean because Sam took their brotherly pact to not rescue each other anymore too seriously, and Dean won’t let him live it down.

Over time, the brothers obviously figure out their differences, but they get stuck in some of the awkward seasons…the ones with no real bad guys to fight.

Yes, they go about their regular hunting activities, and in Season 8 the brothers are trying to use the Demon tablet to close the Gates of Hell, but that’s the only “bad guy.” The task of closing the Gates of Hell.

Obviously it isn’t an easy task, but there is no Lucifer, Dick Roman, or an Apocalypse to stop. All they have to do is complete the three trials and the Gates of Hell are closed forever.

The first two trials go down fairly easily, but the third one would kill Sam if he is able to complete it. He is literally moments away from doing it, prepared to die to save countless people from Demons in the future, but of course Dean stops him because Sammy’s life is worth more than the thousands of people that die from demons throughout the rest of the show.

It’s an annoying feature of the show, that the brothers will always find a way to stop the other from giving their lives to save the world.

I get that the two brothers want to save people together, and it would be difficult to go on without the other, but they are hunters. It is their family business to save people…so why can’t they save people.

All it would have taken was one sacrifice, Sam’s life, and the demons would have been trapped for eternity. Hell, Dean could have even found a way to resurrect Sam after he had died.

On the other side of things, Castiel helps out Metatron, the scribe of God perform three tasks to open the Gates of heaven, but little does he know that the trials are actually giving Metatron control over Heaven, and casting all angels out of Heaven and onto Earth.

This is a nice set up for next season, which is one of my more favourite seasons, because Metatron isn’t a threat when you look at him. He’s a pretty weak looking angel, that would probably lose in a fight to Castiel, but Metatron has one weapon to help him out.

The Angel Tablet.

With the help of the Angel Tablet, Metatron has near Godly powers…or so it will be.

We are also introduced to Abbadon in Season 8, the last remaining Knight of Hell (an elite Demon created by Lucifer and nearly unbeatable).

Sam and Dean have some troubles with her but ultimately they find a way to contain her, before they release her and she is on the loose again. By the end of the season we get two bad guys set up for the next season, which is a first in the show.

One ultimate demon, one ultimate angel vs. two semi-regular humans and their can-do attitude.

We get another big reveal this season, that really adds a new feature to the show We get introduced to the Men of Letters and their bunker. This gives Sam and Dean a “home” which they haven’t had since their dad dragged them into the hunting lifestyle.

It’s nice seeing the brothers have a recurring setting, and without Bobby around, have resources available to do the research they need to on every crazy monster they encounter.

The Men of Letters is a great addition to the show in my opinion, and their story fits nicely into the overall story.

Overall this season isn’t that bad. It has some flaws and it’s missing a lot, but I don’t think there is a lot wrong with it.

I find most of these later seasons are at least half-decent. Some of them are great, some of them are okay, but none of them are overly bad.

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