Supernatural Season 9 Review

Season 9 of Supernatural is probably one of my more favourite seasons, because this season we get two big bad guys instead of the usual one.

Heaven and hell are both a mess. Hell is in the midst of a civil war between Abaddon and Crowley, who just barely escaped Sam curing him and isn’t too fond of anything other than getting his next hut of human blood.

Abaddon, though nearly impossible to kill without the First Blade and the Mark of Cain, is having a tough time overthrowing Crowley and his hordes of demons.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Heaven is divided between different factions of angels who just want to get back to Heaven, but Metatron and his growing forces control the gates.

The rifts tearing Heaven and Hell apart are some of the best parts of the season. We get to see a bus with a lady’s church choir take on a motorcycle gang in a heavenly battle, and the lady’s choir comes out on top.

We see demon on demon fighting, and even Crowley puts in a fight or two over the course of the season.

Season 9 seems to have found its stride again after tripping up with Season 8. We get more of the charming Winchester relationship, Charlie and her shenanigans (which I personally wanted more of), and we get to see Castiel in his finest moments (as a full-fledged human being).

The characters in Supernatural have been the driving force of the show’s success from the early seasons. Compelling bad guys, lovable good guys, and great character dynamics have been some of the best parts of the show.

That…and the Winchesters bouncing off of each-other is great too.

When you think of Supernatural, humour isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind, but it is one of the best parts of the show.

There are multiple times where I’ve caught myself laughing out loud at something Dean says or does. I find he is the funnier of the two brothers, but their interactions with each other can often be hilarious.

To give a brief summary of the season (SPOILERS), Sam and Dean need to find a way to kill Abaddon, which leads Dean to get the Mark of Cain. They can kill Metatron, if they could get their hands on him.

After the events of last season, Sam is left on Death’s door, and Dean makes a deal with the angel Gadreel to possess Sam, in exchange for healing Sam back to full strength.

Dean doesn’t tell Sam this at first (typical) and eventually Gadreel joins Metatron’s side of the fight. Castiel gets his grace back, and together the three of them kill Abaddon and successfully stop Metatron by destroying the angel tablet…but Dean is killed in the process.

Within the entire season…one of my biggest issues with the show becomes a big issue for the brothers.


I mean come on. It’s not like it’s the first time they’ve done this either, but the two macho men need to retain their macho man status, and that means they can’t tell the other when something is going wrong.

I understand with nine seasons of a show, it gets pretty tough to come up with original content while still making sense, but I find this to be just sloppy writing, plain and simple.

I’m not trying to bash the writers at all, I think they do a fantastic job of coming up with new creatures and monsters every season, with tons of lore for each of them.

My issue is that these moments of eye rolling repetitiveness is what makes the show hard to watch at times.

Overall, I enjoyed the season. It has a great story, great new character introductions, and there is an actual goal of the season. There’s not some ambiguous “enemy” to defeat, instead there are two very real ones.

There’s also a good set-up for next season with Dean’s ending this season. If I had to give it a score out of 10, I’d probably give it about a 7.5. It’s not the best, but overall it’s pretty damn good.

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