Solve it Sunday: Scientific Logic

For this trial, no knowledge of the world’s workings is needed. Your ability to think logically is the only thing being tested.

Five scientists from different Ivy League universities were engaged in a cutting-edge space programme. From the information provided, can you say which town the Irish scientist lived in?

  • The scientist in New Haven studied astrophysics, and she was not the American, who was called Emily.
  • The British scientist lived in Cambridge and was neither Marianne nor Sophia.
  • The physics was not named Jennifer or Alice.
  • Providence was not home to the Canadian scientist.
  • Alice, an Australian, was not studying astrophysics.
  • Marianne studied biochemistry, and was not Irish.
  • One of the scientists was studying nanotechnology.
  • One of the scientists lived in New York.

The below table will help you solve this riddle.


One thought on “Solve it Sunday: Scientific Logic


    Emily, the American scientist in Hanover, studied physics.
    Jennifer, the British scientist in Cambridge, studied nanotechnology.
    Marianne, the Canadian scientist in New York, studied biochemistry.
    Alice, the Australian scientist in Providence, studied metamaterials.
    Sophie, the Irish scientist in New Haven, studied astrophysics.


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