Supernatural Season 10 Review

Supernatural Season 10, if I had to review it in one sentence, was surprisingly good, despite not living up to its fullest potential.

For the most part, Sam and Dean are the same as they always are. Their banter is great, and Dean still has his clueless sense of humour. The only thing different about their relationship is that Dean has become addicted to killing.

Being cursed by the Mark of Cain is affecting him, and after finally being cured of being a demon, he struggles to hold on to his humanity.

There are several times this season that we see Dean go out of his way to inflict maximum damage to a monster, kill humans, or beat up an evil clone despite knowing a friend would be hurt in the process.

He lets the bloodlust of the Mark overcome him, and he can’t keep it at bay.

Despite his best efforts, Dean gets worse and worse. The ones he loves are forced to watch him become more and more murderous, and they can’t do anything to help.

Until Charlie and Rowena come up with a way to take off the Mark.

They find a spell that will remove the curse, but it will release the Darkness. That means nothing to the brothers, but the Darkness doesn’t sound good does it?

Dean finally gets a hold on his murderous rage, and summons Death to remove the mark or send him off to a place where he can’t hurt anyone again. Death agrees to do this, but says Dean needs to kill Sam, so Sam won’t look for him.

In yet another act of brotherly love, Dean kills Death (yes you read that right). Dean kills Death, and lets Sam perform the spell to remove the Mark, freeing him from the curse.

The Darkness comes from the Mark, and the world has to deal with her power since Sam and Dean couldn’t take the pain of losing each other.

I get why they keep protecting each other. I understand their dependence on each other to survive physically and mentally, but take the hit.

They try to protect the world from ghosts and ghouls, demons and angels, and countless other supernatural beings, but they cause the most death.

The two brothers constantly keeping each other alive, despite all odds, is probably killing more people because of the side effects than people they save.

The biggest bad guy this season is Dean and the Mark of Cain, but there were two perfectly good bad guys that could have been utilized that revolved around the Mark.

Since that was the main “enemy” Cain and the Styne family both could have been the ones to defeat by the end of the season, but they were both wasted.

Cain has a moment in the season that causes the brothers to stop him, and the Styne family appears near the end of the season for a bit of conflict, but neither is utilized to their fullest potential in my opinion.

Cain was the first to hold the Mark, and could have been the tipping point for Dean to become fully obsessed with it.

He was powerful enough that he could take on Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley , so he was worthy of being an end-of-season boss, but he had a good ending during the season.

The Stynes didn’t have as much of a relation to the Mark itself, but used to have the Book of the Damned, which is the book that contained the cure for the Mark.

They could have come earlier in the season, and been more of an annoyance to the brothers trying to track down the book.

Overall, the season is pretty good. I liked a lot of the smaller stories that were going on, I just think they could have been developed more, making the season even better.

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