One Piece Arc Review: Alabasta

Hello again dear readers, I am back for another One Piece Arc Review. This week I will be talking about the Alabasta Arc (I’ll be throwing in Post-Alabasta arc too since short.

Overall, I would put Alabasta in the better half of the series. It’s still early on in the show, so we are missing quite a few crew members, but it’s the start of the more serious storytelling in the manga.

Alabasta has been a long time in the making when it finally appears. Basically since the moment the Straw Hats arrived on the Grand Line.

Vivi has joined their crew, and after a few roadblocks, they have arrived in Alabasta in hopes of stopping a rebellion from happening, and Crocodile taking over control of the country….and an Ancient Weapon as we further discover.

My favourite part of Alabasta is the fighting match-ups.

As there are more and more crew members, there are less one-on-one duels between Strawhat members and the enemy. We still get it in the future, but it is a rare instance.

In Alabasta, each member of the Strawhats gets to fight against someone on their own, except Usopp and Chopper who do a 2v2.

We get to see each of them grow as characters through these fights, both in character and strength.

I like those moments in the series, because they are a good way to end the arc with a bit of character growth, and we know that the characters are getting stronger.

It’s not often we get a Nami one-on-one battle because she’s usually fighting the regular soldiers instead of one of the heavier hitters on the enemy’s side.

This is also the first instance we see Nami fight in her modern style, using the Climatact, instead of her regular

On that same note though, the Crocodile and Luffy fights bother me, because they don’t really make sense.

Crocodile is probably the smartest person we have met in the story at this point, and he lets Luffy live, twice!

That makes no sense, especially since Luffy poses more of a threat in each fight against Crocodile. Why would you let the pirate that might be able to beat you, live and continue fighting?

It’s not the biggest detail, and I guess you could excuse the confidence that Crocodile has, but it is a little too much convenience for my liking.

The arc itself isn’t great per se. It is a bit long, and it falls prey to being a politically oriented arc, but we get a lot of plot points for a further part of the story, which is a big redemption for the arc.

We get Nico Robin joining the crew, who becomes one of my favourite members of the crew.

One of the Ancient Weapons is introduced, which still has yet to fully come into play, but has been hinted at since.

Crocodile is one the Seven Warlords, which we have seen before, but this adds to the mystery of them, and Haki is mentined, (but we don’t know that yet).

Overall, I would give the arc a 7/10. It has some amazing fight scenes, story moments, and story endings for some characters.

The only things against the arc is the length, and its lack of guts.

Some of the story could be cut out. It takes a little too long for Vivi to deal with the rebels, though it makes sense for the story.

The lack of guts is just because it doesn’t kill of some characters that should have died. They go through some unbelievable injuries (for One Piece standards even) but doesn’t have them die because the story wasn’t there yet.

At this point in the story, we hadn’t really seen any death, so it makes sense that they would save it for more impactful moments in the story.

What did you think of the Alabasta arc? Good, bad? Where would you rank it overall in the story? Let me know in the comments!

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