Movie Review: Jumanji (1995)

Hello dear readers. I apologize for the late post. Movie/TV show reviews are supposed to come on Saturdays, but I was feeling under the weather, so I thought I’d take a break.

Now you might not know this, but Jumanji was actually based off of a children’s picture book of the same name.

It is loosely based off of the book, but it uses the same general concept, so that’s good enough for me!

Two children come across a magical board game. While playing it, they meet Alan, a man who was trapped in the game, and attempt to free him while facing different kinds of danger.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I really enjoyed the classic Jumanji movie, and not just because of Robin Williams, though he was a brilliant actor in my opinion.

I enjoyed the movie so much because it was silly, yet serious.

It was a board game brought to life, and had dire consequences.

Board games are fun, lighthearted, and bring people together.

Jumanji was deadly, life threatening, but was still fun and lighthearted, and made connections between people that they would share forever.

I first saw this movie as a kid, and I was amazed.

I was going through a phase where I was obsessed with animals, so seeing all of these life-like jungle animals stampeding through the city was the best thing in my mind.

Watching it as an adult, I can see the flaws in the movie pretty clearly, but that’s part of the enjoyment for me.

It’s a fun movie with some lighthearted moments. I wouldn’t say its funny per se. There aren’t any moments that I can remember that made me laugh, but I definitely was never stressed or anxious when watching it.

Would I say the acting in the movie is phenomenal? No I wouldn’t.

Would I say that the movie is the best movie in the world? No I wouldn’t.

But what I would say about this movie is that I lose track of time when watching it.

I forget whatever else I am doing because its just a good movie. Its distracting, but not engrossing. You can jump in whenever and it is equally as enjoyable.

Have you seen the original Jumanji movie? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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