One Piece Arc Review: Jaya

Hello again StrawHat Crew members, and welcome back to another Arc Review for One Piece.

Today we are taking a look at the Jaya arc. It’s a relatively short arc…but an important arc none the less.

I thought about covering Jaya and Skypeia together, but I think they are important enough on their own that they deserve their own coverage.

Overall, though this arc is short, it has some very important moments in it.

Up until this point, we had the idea of dreams coming true shoved down our throats.

Luffy dreams of being the Pirate King.
Zoro wants to be the world’s greatest swordsman.
Nami dreams of drawing a map of the entire world….etc. etc. etc.

We don’t get to see anyone fight against these dreams, because that is what the story has been about until this point.

Sure, we have a few people trying to contest a StrawHat’s dreams, but not with any serious effort…until Jaya.

In the Jaya arc we get to meet Bellamy…and if you’ve read through the arc, then you know what I am talking about.

Bellamy crushes Luffy’s dreams in an instant, or he tries to at least. Luffy of course doesn’t fall for this way of thinking, and after letting Bellamy’s crew throw drinks over himself and Zoro without raising a hand to fight them, Luffy knocks Bellamy out with just one punch, giving him the ultimate revenge for messing with Luffy’s friends.

After letting Bellamy’s crew embarrass them, Luffy, Zoro and Nami meat the man that is later known as Blackbeard.

He gives Luffy an inspiring speech about dreams, and how you should fight for them to become true, because they won’t just happen on their own.

It’s funny, looking at it from a future perspective, because we know now that Luffy got inspiring advice from one of the bad guys, who has the same dream as him.

To become the Pirate King and rule the seas as the most free man in the world.

We get a little look into the 7 Warlords of the Sea, when they meet about who their next member will be since Crocodile was defeated.

It doesn’t add much to the story, other than giving the audience a good look at some of the strongest pirates in the world, and some future enemies and allies of Luffy and his crew.

Other than that, Jaya doesn’t contain much for the overall story as of now, except setting up Skypeia.

It is a unique arc because it ties in with another, but stands separately on its own.

I like the idea of dreams that is present though, and how they relate to the One Piece world as a whole.

In Jaya we get to experience the other side of dreams.

We get bombarded with characters that dream of being X, or doing Y, or seeing Z, but we don’t get to see many characters that have truly given up on those dreams, or have no dreams at all.

It makes the characters a little more believable, because not everyone would need to have a dream like Luffy, some people could just enjoy whatever it is they are doing.

It’s a nice analogy to real life. Some people go their entire lives pursuing a dream, whether to succeed or fail in the end, and others go their whole lives without a dream in the world. They are happy living in the moment, and living the way they want to.

What did you think of the Jaya arc? Where would you rank it overall in the One Piece story overall? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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