Quote of the Day: Bellamy and Blackbeard


  • The Sky Islands are real…! Hey!!”
  • “Get it through your head that your dreams won’t come true.”
  • “I’m gonna blow you away, Straw Hat! I’m gonna prove myself to Doflamingo!”
  • “If I can just take you guys out I can finally be a Family commander!!”


  • “This cherry pie’s so good, it’ll kill you! This drink’s just about the worst! A man’s dreams never conclude!”
  • “Live or die… it all comes down to heavenly fate.”
  • “I’m darkness… Historically the world’s most villainous Devil Fruit power.”
  • “No one can stop me! I’ll break everything! I’ll take it all in!”
  • “A pipsqueak like you isn’t worth my time!”

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