100 Books You Should Read

Hello again respected readers. Today I want to show you something that I am very excited for, but also a bit worried about.

It was an awesome gift I received from my girlfriend for Christmas. Knowing I’m a big book fan, she found this awesome little gift for me online, and knew it was perfect…and she was right.

Simply, it is a poster of 100 Books that you should read in your life (mostly because they are “classics”).

It’s a nice looking poster, and each of the 100 books on the poster has a box you can scratch off, to reveal a simple image that relates to the book.

I have only scratched out a few of the boxes on the poster, but I own some of the other books, and plan on reading them all one day!

Take a look at the poster

What books have you read that are on the poster? Let me know on social media.
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