TV Review: Supernatural Season 13


We are coming to an end dear readers. There is only one season left until we are caught up to what is airing on TV now, and part of me is glad.

It took me a while to get through this season due to a few reasons, but I just can’t binge it like earlier seasons…but I’ll get into that more now.

There are two story telling tropes that I hate with a passion. The first is time travel. It’s a boring way to give characters an out, and too often the rules are all different and aren’t followed. There are a rare few instances where time travel is used tastefully, but not often enough for me to enjoy it.

That’s not really my concern this season, but the second trope is.

The other one I can’t stand is alternate dimensions. It’s another pathetic attempt at story telling, because too often the alternate dimension just introduces characters, stories, or ideas we already know…but now they’re new because they’re from an alternate earth.

Well that’s the reality Supernatural adopts in Season 13. Two alternate dimensions.

One where it’s basically monster heaven, and there are things we’ve never even seen before walking around.

The other dimension is an alternate earth where Sam and Dean were never born, and the archangel Michael introduced the apocalypse.

Humans are fighting to survive against the last remaining monsters and hordes of angels.

13 seasons is a lot of story to maintain, but I can’t believe this is what the writers resorted to. I still believe the show should have ended a few seasons ago, but since we have to watch the crybaby Jack struggle to stop crying this season, I’m going to tell you why I disliked it.


Jack, the son of Lucifer, is probably the third strongest being we have met, behind God and Amara.

I get that, after just being born, he can’t control his powers and he’s brash. I understand the reasoning behind it, but by the end of the season, after fighting a war against other angels, he’s still the same foolhardy buffoon.

PLUS, being the third strongest being in the world, he should be able to snap angels and monsters out of existence.

We see Lucifer do it several times over the years, and we know Jack is stronger than Lucifer, so why can’t he do anything more than force push the bad guys against a wall while the humans take care of them?

If you take away the alternate dimension story line, the whiny Jack, and a few other annoyances, this season does not live up to what the show used to be.

Before we got to see two brothers, crossing the country killing monsters and saving people. The family business. Now, we get to see them together less and less.

We lose the dynamic that has been built up for so long.

It’s unfortunate, because the relationship between the two brothers was the best part of the show for so long, and it still has its moments, but they are definitely fleeting.

What did you think of Supernatural Season 13? Let’s talk about it in the comments or on social media.
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