The Stay at Home Festival: The Online Literary Festival

We all know the state of the world right now. Many of us have never experienced things like this before, and we all need to stand together in order to get through this.

One thing we can do, to stand beside those indie authors out there that have been unable to go through with their boom launches, is support their hard work and commitment by taking a look at The Stay at Home Festival.

In these strange times all the usual outdoor events are on hold. That includes literary festivals. Authors and readers everywhere were finding long anticipated events were cancelled, book launches postponed and author discussions delayed. So CJ Cooke, award-winning poet and author of I Know My Name and The Blame Game, had a brain wave. An online literary festival. No travel ban worries, no social distancing required. Anyone from anywhere in the world could join in.

So the Stay at Home Literary Festival was born. From 27 March to 11 April a myriad array of authors will take part in online events.

Because I’m slow off the mark we’ve already missed three days. But from today onward here is the programme for this week. Check back for part 2 later on.

There are dozens of different “classes”, speeches, and opportunities for writers, readers, and everyone who is interested in literature in any way.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, make sure to give it a look. There’s tons of information and I plan on hopping in on a few chats myself!

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