Dungeons and Dragons Character Creation: Gloomstalker Ranger

Hello my dear dice rollers, I have a new series for you.

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) on and off for a little over a year now, and I LOVE it. It has been so much fun making new characters, taking them on adventures, and solving puzzles using nothing but my imagination, a sheet of paper, and some dice.

Since I love it so much, then I am forcing you to love it now too!

What I want to do with this series is just make new characters. You can use these characters in your campaign, you can use them for your stories that you are writing, or just as inspiration for a character of your own.

I want to paint a picture before your eyes, giving you the character’s backstory, his traits, his personality, his fighting style, his basic stats. Everything I can to help make this character as complete as I can for you.

In the future, I’ll do more of these characters, some will be ones I have played, some will be ones I have just made up for you, but I also want to do a deeper dive into different aspects of D&D; spells, races, monsters, etc.

So, I hope you enjoy this post, so that I can keep writing about Dungeons and Dragons because I find it is such a blast!

If you have any races, or classes that you want me to create, let me know in the comments or on social media! I am always looking for fun and interesting combinations for new characters.
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Jaecar Dathe the Gloomstalker Ranger


Jaecar Dathe {ja-car day-th} (meaning hunter of death) is a Drow Elf Ranger that took the Gloomstalker Archetype. His parents were both noble born, but of rival houses. Being in love and with child, they ran from the Underdark and found safety in a small merchant town that was popular with the unwanted races of the world.

However, their luck didn’t last long, as a band of Drow hunters eventually tracked them to this small town, eventually killing Jaecar’s parents when he was just a young boy. Alone, and with nobody willing to look after him, Jaecar did the only thing he knew how to do; survive.

Mastering the bow and the longsword by the time he was just a teen, he couldn’t forsake the village he lived in, and where his parents rested, even though they all but cast him out.

Jaecar lived in the nearby woods, defending the town from bands of marauders, protecting hunters from wild animals, and even preventing an army sergeant from conscripting the town’s male population during times of war.

But, there is only so much one elf can do on his own. One day, in the cover of darkness, that same band of Drow hunters came to town after learning he lived their first assault. They slaughtered almost the entire town before Jaecar could stop them, but by then it was too late. What little remained of the village actively cast him out, banishing him, never knowing all he had done for them.


Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds, and Flaws:

Personality traits:
Jaecar always tries to protect those who cannot protect themselves, even though most times they despise him on sight.
Though he doesn’t seek out death, he doesn’t shy away from it, and often enjoys hurting those who he believes are evil.

Protect those who cannot protect themselves, even though they will never thank you for it just because of your race.

Nearly none, but he often finds himself attaching himself to those who don’t instantly throw him to the side or look down on him.

Stubborn and can be nearsighted when it comes to achieving his goals.

Stats and Weaponry

Stats are up to you, but as a Ranger you will want Dexterity, Strength and Wisdom to be your highest three, probably in that order.

In terms of weapons, Jaecar likes to kill from a distance, utilizing his stealth skills to kill an enemy before they even know they were under attack.


Other Information:

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Background: Outlander
Darkvision: 90 ft.
Fey Ancestry: Advantage on saving throws vs. being charmed
: Magic can’t put him to sleep
Archery: +2 to ranged attack roles
Favoured Enemy: Your choice depending on campaign
Natural Explorer: Your choice, I did forests based off the city’s geography
Dread Ambusher: +10 ft. movement on first turn of each combat
: +1 to attack rolls (add 1d8 damage)
Umbral Sight: Invisible to Darkvision users while covered in darkness.


Spell choices will be up to you depending on how you want to play Jaecar, but I went for a bit of healing, with Hunter’s Mark and Disguise Self to add to my stealthiness. At higher levels you may want to use the geography around you in your spell casting, or maybe try to focus more on communicating with nature. It’s entirely up to you.

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