My First Real Glimpse into Horror: Night Shift by Stephen King

Title: Night Shift
Author: Stephen King
Rating: ★★★★☆

Hello dear readers, I hope you’re okay with a little bit of spooky, because I took a bit of a dive into the horror genre with Night Shift by Stephen King.

I’ve read a bit of horror before, but not a whole lot, so when the wonderful Judith Rowe approached me about a buddy read for Night Shift, I knew I had to take part.

Make sure to check our her blog and her twitter page!


Since this book consists of several short stories, Judith and I discussed each story, and boy did we discuss a lot.

Judith has a two-part post discussing the book more in depth based off of our analysis. It’s really quite amazing and thought provoking, so please go check them out.
Part 1
Part 2

I had a lot of fun reading and discussing with Judith, so please go check out her content. She analyzes books on a whole different level from a lot of book bloggers I’ve seen.

If you’ve read any of these short stories, or any Stephen King, let’s talk about it in the comments, or shoot me a message on social media. I’m always down for a good book discussion!
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Here is the list of short stories in this book:
Jerusalm’s Lot
Graveyard Shift
Night Surf
I am the Doorway
The Mangler
The Boogeyman
Gray Matter
Sometimes they come Back
Strawberry Spring
The Ledge
The Lawnmower Man
Quitters, Inc.
I Know what you Need
Children of the Corn
The Last Rung of the Ladder
The Man who Loved Flowers
One for the Road
The Woman in the Room

I won’t be covering each story in depth, but isntead thebok as a whole, so I hope you enjoy!

My First Dive Into Horror

Like I said, this was my first real dive into the horror genre, and Night Shift definitely made me want to read a full horror book. I liked the reveal of what the “monster” of the story could be, so I think the slower process over an entire novel could have a really satisfying ending to it.

I’m not sure I want to read another King book, or branch off to another author, but King has definitely got me interested.

I think I am glad that this was the first pick of mine for horror, because it gave me a chance to read different types of horror. There was a bit of gore, some mystical, some magical, some monsters, and some who knows what. It was nice seeing a little bit of everything, because I think King does a wonderful job at showing his range of writing skills.

Night Shift ebook by Stephen King

King’s Endings

From what I’ve been told, King is “famous” for his endings. I’ve seen people complain about his endings, and I’ve seen people praise them. If I had to pick a side, I think it would be on the complain side.

I’ll give it to King, some of his endings were brilliant. They left me with a sense of dread or fear, which is doing exactly what they needed to do.

BUT, I would only say that about maybe a handful of the stories at best. Most of them seemed out of place or unnecessary, like King was trying to give you that sense of dread, but he was just trying too hard. It almost ruined some stories for me to be honest.

What Horror Means

I hadn’t realized it before, but the “horror” genre can be very diverse. It’s not just a spooky monster stalking a group of teenagers. It can be people being slaughtered, an eerie town in the middle of nowhere, a rat that won’t stop growing.

I know people praise King as an amazing author, and I would totally agree. With 20 different stories, King manages to come up with 20 unique ideas to tell, each so different than the others that you wouldn’t know they were by the same author.

I’d have to say that the mystical horror seems to be my cup of tea, but a close second is the real horror. I like the mystical horror, because my mind goes to a million different places making up all the answers I know I won’t get answered for me.

I also like the idea that horror can be based in reality. It can just be a guy with a weapon or a bit of political power. If anything, that horror is scarier because it can be real.

The Great Stephen King Re-read: Night Shift


Overall, I loved this book. I loved exploring a whole new world with each new story, and then having it finish right before my eyes just as I was getting hooked.

I am a sucker for short stories, and a book filled with them was an awesome experience for me, and being able to discuss it with Judith just added to the experience. She’s a horror master, so getting her input on thoughts I had was much appreciated.

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