How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

Hello my dear Potternerds, today I bring you a new post idea that I came up with.

Endings are a hard thing to create. It can be near impossible to craft a beautiful ending, tying up all the strings of your story.

There are plenty of books or series out there that have disappointing endings. Whether the character ended up in a way that left us unhappy, events took place that make no sense, or even just the author giving us things that didn’t fit with the story.

There are plenty of reasons for why a book or series might have a bad ending, so I thought I would give my ideas on ways a series could have ended in a better way.

These are just my opinions based off of my own thoughts and disappointments, and ideas I found from discussing it with other people. I might not even be upset with certain endings, but just that I had a “better” idea in my head.

I figured I would start with Harry Potter, since it is a very popular series. I wouldn’t say I am 100% disappointed with how it ended, but I do think things should have gone a lot differently for people…so, without further adieu, here are my opinions on how it should have ended.

19 Years Later

Though I don’t think the epilogue should have been included, let’s assume it is, no matter what.

I am not a fan of the relationships that came about in the end, (Ron and Hermione never seemed to have that emotional spark for me, and Harry and Ginny were even worse), it’s their children’s names that really bother me.

James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter, and Lily Luna Potter. I get that all of these people affected his life, but Harry sure has a lack of originality. I’m not saying their names are bad, but maybe give Albus a chance at not being bullied.

I would have liked the kids to have their own chance to be themselves and not be tied to their dads story. We later get the Cursed Child, which lets us explore the idea of living as the son of a legend, and I think Harry makes it pretty rough on his kids, forcing them to be memorials to his old story.

Also, the time jump shouldn’t have been 19 years, that’s too long of a time. It should have been something shorter like five or ten years. IF, and only IF for some reason it needed to be 19 years, I honestly don’t think any of the couples would still be together.

I don’t think Ginny and Harry last for more than a few years because she’s too busy being a famous Quidditch player. Ron and Hermione might have lasted, but with no real connection I don’t think they’d still be together as a couple.


Following the War

Immediately following the Battle of Hogwarts, I think a more interesting story could have been developed. In the books, we just jump over the time after the battle, but I think if it was more developed, it could have been a better epilogue.

With Hogwarts being cursed and in near ruins, there would need to be repairs obviously. For a year or two, all Hogwarts students are sent to Dumstrang and Beaux-Batons to still get their education.

McGonnagal eventually re-opens the school and resumes her position as Headmistress, before retiring.

Years after the battle, after Ginny has retired from her professional Quidditch career, she becomes the sports teacher at Hogwarts, opening up weekly games at the school for the younger years, and forming a “Hogwarts” team to compete against other European magic schools.

Though Harry only ever felt truly at home at Hogwarts, he wants to find a home that is his, and eventually settles down with Luna, who keeps her family’s newspaper running.

Hermione, after being a keener and returning to school for her final year, eventually publishes a few books in the magical world, both bestsellers. Her books are about rather mundane “adventures” that muggles go on, a hit in the magical world, but wouldn’t sell a single copy in real life.

Ron and Hermione eventually split up and Ron ends up living his life alone, but happy. He and Hermione are still great friends, and speak almost daily.

Hagrid, finishes his education at Hogwarts, and eventually marries Madam Maxine.

AND… Dudley reaches out to Harry, believing his wife has an unknown magical power, meaning his kid, who is almost 11, might need to attend Hogwarts.


Again, these are just my thoughts and opinions. I’m sure I missed a few characters, but these are the ones that were on the top of my head.

What did you think? How should Harry Potter have ended in your ideal world? Let’s talk about it in the comments, or send me a message on social media!
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35 thoughts on “How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

  1. Haha I agree with what you said about Albus’ name. It’s not a bad name but personally, I thought Harry giving his child Severus as a middle name was a bit…meh. Especially since Snape and Harry didn’t get on for 7 years. Not really sure finding out his past would make me forgive him for 7 years of nastiness!

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  2. ooh interesting post!! I actually didn’t mind the pairings in the end but the names…. no absolutely not. Albus Severus should not have been called that, and I am offended on a personal level that he didn’t name a child after Hagrid – he is so pure and friendly and was kind and sweet, Harry is an idiot. (I like Snape’s character but the dude is not a good guy, it is ridiculous Harry put his name in there, and Albus I didn’t like either…)

    It would have been pretty cool to see Dudley with a magical child (even though JKR said the Dursley line could never produce a witch/wizard – but let’s be real I’m going to ignore her) it would have made for an awesome ending!

    Hagrid deserved better, definitely would have liked to see a happy ending for him!

    Also salty that Draco didn’t get a redemption arc either…

    I swear I do love the HP series but some things just really irritated me!! 😀 :’)

    Fun post idea!

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  3. I love these so much! They make perfect sense. When I first finished the books I wished they had included some more about Hogwarts after the battle. How did they rebuild? What happened till then? There are so many questions.

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  4. This is quite interesting. I never put much thought into the ending but I have to agree that the names of the children were horrible choices. I get why he did it but seriously? Lily Luna, Albus Severus and James Sirius? They sound so wrong. I also don’t think that Hermione and Ron were supposed to happen. For me they are just best friends and that’s it. No romantic feelings involved. But then again, I don’t see with whom she could have ended up. And I’m also sad that Draco didn’t get much credit at the end. He made some questionable choices throughout his youth but I don’t believe that he is a bad character.
    Thank you for your post!

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  5. I love that thought about Dudley. Cracked me up 🥰 I agree about the pairings too. The only thing I could see was that Hermione had those attributes which Ron lacked, so they fit that way but no spark whatsoever. She actually had more of a spark with Harry that seemed to waffle between brotherly/sisterly to potentially something more.

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    1. I was actually thinking that Harry and Ginny both could play pro. I mean we know Harry is an unbelievable seeker. We’ve had that thrown at us since day 1 so it makes sense. He probably wouldn’t pick that life though

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  6. I would have liked Hagrid to have some sort of happy ending. As well as Draco having a better redemption sort of story?

    Not too fussed with how it ended. Just not happy with all the new material jk seems to be pushing!


  7. I really disliked the epilogue! I would have preferred to come up with my own ending. I personally don’t think Ginny and Harry would have been together either but that’s just my opinion 😂

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  8. I definitely agree with your post, especially about Harry and Ginny. That really came out of nowhere for me, and I didn’t think they had much chemistry together. Not to mention, Ginny looked so young in Chamber of Secrets, as opposed to Harry. (shrugs)


      1. I would have liked Cho, because they already had some interactions and hinted at romantic interest.


  9. ‘Dudley reaches out to Harry, believing his wife has an unknown magical power, meaning his kid, who is almost 11, might need to attend Hogwarts.’ sent chills down my spine. The coupling 19 years later is a bit odd indeed. Despite all these, I believe Harry Potter is a great read for both adults and children. I think everyone should re-read this epic at least once. Why? I’ve detailed my reasonings in my blog-post:
    Do check it out!!


  10. Ooooh I love this! I totally agree about the 19 years later chapter, I don’t think it was super necessary and it was more a fanservice thing. Also all the memes about Harry naming his children like he was writing a fan fiction novel are totally accurate… it’s just too much.

    Love the ideas about what happened after the war as well!

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  11. This is such an interesting post! I agree with the 19 years later, I understand why she did it, but it sets the future for readers and it would have been nice for us to have imagined our own future for the characters! I don’t agree with the name Severus either, I would have chosen Remus personally!

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  12. Please don’t get me started on the names! I absolutely hate them! And I am also not really a fan of the couples as well. I actually heard once that Rowling first wanted Hermione to end up with Fred and every since I heard it, I’ve shipped it. I think they would have such an interesting dynamic. Who did you wanted to end up with who? I also love how creative the fandoms headcanons are.

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  13. I really like this post. Like you, I have always had issues with the pairings and the children’s names. Ron and Hermione were never a good match for me. I’m pretty sure I would have liked your ending better!

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  14. I am sure l missed draco in the epilogue but giving him a believable future might have enlightened me.l was more likely a dramoinie fan and l hated pancy and draco ships. Though scorpious role in Cursed child had sparkled me and l am grateful for it. Luna is another stunning character l admired about . Seeing her with Neville is acceptable but not apprectiatable. I agree about that time interval mentioned and its really disappointing…

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