Movie Review: Little Women (2018)

I have to be honest with you dear readers, I had a bit of a dumb dumb moment. In one of my bookish group chats, people were oohing and aaahing over the movie Little Women that came out in 2019.

I had heard it was a good movie, and so I took their adoration for it as a sign that it was time for me to watch it.

I had an idea of some of the actresses in it, but I knew to look for Emma Watson especially since she was the one I would recognize the most.

I looked up the movie, saw the synopsis was about stuff happening after the American Civil War, found a place to watch it and bam, let it begin.

WELLLLLL turns out there have been probably a dozen different Little Women movies, and my idiotic self watched the one from 2018!

I was looking for Emma Watson and she just never showed up. I kept telling myself there would be another time jump, and when that happened it would be Emma’s turn to shine. With about 10 minutes left in the movie I realized that didn’t happen, so next week I’ll review that Little Women movie, this week I’ll review the 2018 one.


Title: Little Women (2018)
Director: Clare Niederpruem

My opinion on this movie might be a little skewed because the whole time I was looking for different actresses to appear, but reading other reviews online, I don’t think I am too far off.

I didn’t like this movie at all, for a lot of reasons.

The Acting

I didn’t think any of the acting was very well done at all actually. I think it was needlessly overdone at many parts, and it’s too bad. The sisters seem to have a great dynamic with each other, and I would have liked to see more of a realistic sibling banter with each other.

Being a brother myself, and seeing many of my friends have siblings, I know the banter and the back and forth a sibling can have and it really wasn’t there in this movie. They seemed to try too hard to get it to work.

A lot of the “comedic” moments seem forced and over acted, and none of the dramatic moments seem to hit home because of the same problem.

The Believability

This movie is relatively believable in its premise. Its a bunch of sisters who grow up together, and how they all take different journeys with their lives.

They each have their dreams they want to pursue, and for the most part they support each other in those dreams.

There’s a bit of romance, attempts at comedy, and dramatic moments that are all too predictable.



Despite all of that, I would rate this movie a 3 or a 3.5, but Jo was the reason this movie got a 2.

Jo actually made me want to stop the movie several times.

She is so dramatic, spoiled, selfish and conceited. She cares so little about others, and the moments where she does seem to care about what happens to others, its really just for selfish reasons.

I get that she is the main character in the story, so we see more of her perspective, but her character is not likable at all.

She constantly bullies her sister, and makes fun about them all here and there, but when they start teasing her, she storms off like they’ve just punched her in the face.

She wants to be a published author, which is great, but she gets upset when her editor has notes about her story. She is outwardly angry that he made notes on the book. Like did she really think a book could be perfect in the first draft? It just bothers me that her world view is so narrow with herself at the centre.

I can’t think of any redeemable qualities about her honestly.

Final Thoughts

I have a hard time finding anything good about this movie. It had a lot of okay moments, but none were great.

The only reason I could finish it was because I had hoped it would get better.

But alas, these are just my opinions.

If you’ve seen the 2018 version of Little Women, what did you think about it? Let’s talk about it in the comments, or send me a message on social media.
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7 thoughts on “Movie Review: Little Women (2018)

  1. I was LAUGHING all the way until you said you didn’t like Jo March because hey! She’s me! Fingers crossed it’s just this adaptation that did her dirty and the 2019 version can redeem her. What did you think of Amy? I hear Gerwig’s adaptation finally gave Amy her due because both she and Jo are my two favourites!

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