Solve it Sunday: The Eight Queens

Dear readers, I hope you like chess, or at least have a basic understanding of the concepts because you’ll need to know how one of the pieces work.

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Max Bezzel, a German chess master, was the first to pose this question, in 1848. It has provided plenty of material for discussion since then.

A chess queen attacks in eight directions — vertical, horizontal, and diagonal straight lines. His question was whether it was possible to place eight queens on a regular 8×8 chess board so that none of them could attack any other.

Are you able to find a way to do it?

2 thoughts on “Solve it Sunday: The Eight Queens





    There are 12 different solutions to this problem. The one most commonly reached (because it’s underlying principles are known in mathematical circles) is to place then queens at 2a 4b 6c 8d 3e 1f 7g and 5h. Regardless, well done if you managed it.


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