Becoming an Author

Since I was a little kid, I have had a dream about becoming an author. Telling stories and inspiring readers.

Creating a fantastical world where our understanding of the universe doesn’t apply. Traveling to realms you can only picture in your dreams.

For the longest time, I didn’t think it was possible.

I mean, there was no way little old Andrew, with no significant skills, no great ideas, and not that smart could become a great author like the ones he grew up reading.

That’s why, for the longest time, I didn’t even bother. I threw my dream to the side because nobody would take me seriously. This wasn’t an industry I was meant to step into.

This industry was for those who spent days and days reading, coming up with their own ideas, building beautiful realities in their mind.


Another issue was that I didn’t want to be ordinary. I didn’t want a book that sold enough to pay itself off and then end there.

I wanted a masterpiece. I wanted a book that became so popular, it was turned into a movie or TV series like George R.R. Martin. I wanted my stories to reach millions. I wanted people to talk about my stories for hours and hours, inspiring YouTube videos, blog posts, discussion pieces, and who knows what else.

This was another thing that disheartened me. I couldn’t be the next Martin or Lewis, or Tolkien. IF I became an author and managed to write a book, it probably wouldn’t even sell.

Still these thoughts plague me every time I sit down to write.

But, I try to push them down. I ignore the negativity, and focus on what I can do. Focus on the words I can weave and the ideas I can create.

I’m not sure it’s possible to become the next Sanderson, Martin, or Jordan with my first book, probably not even my second or third. But maybe my fourth, maybe my second series. Maybe my third. There are plenty of authors that have inspired me, and I continue to find more that inspire me.

Jemisen, Stovall, Atwood. Authors that continue to impress me, shape my thinking, inspire me to write.

I might never become an author who’s book gets picked up to become the next best-selling TV show, making millions in memorabilia and other rights, but maybe I can become an author that inspires the next great one.

Maybe I can become an author that inspires a young boy or girl to write, and so on and so on.

The timeline is May 2, 2022. By my 27th birthday I want to be an author. I want to have my first book on a shelf near you, released by a legitimate publishing company.

Will this happen? Who knows. I have a lot to learn about publishing, but the first step is writing. I need to write my story. Create my characters. Weave my world. One chapter, one page, one word at a time.

6 thoughts on “Becoming an Author

  1. Hey Andrew, I’m turning 28 on June 25 and we have the same dream. Do I feel the same way like you do? Yes I do. But we keep going and keep dreaming. What I tell myself is that GRR Martin and all other successful authors, when they were writing their first novels, they didn’t also know that their stories would be big hits on TV and cinema.

    Goodluck to us. We can do it. 🙂 🙂

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