Book of Air Tag: Avatar Blogger Award


Water. Earth. Fire. Air. I’ve heard stories about the old days, a time of peace when the Avatar Blogger kept balance between the Water Critics, Earth Reviewers, Fire Writers, and Air Readers. But that all changed when the Fire Writers attacked. 

Only the Avatar Blogger, master of all four blogging elements could stop the ruthless Fire Writers. But when the world needed them the most, they vanished. A hundred years have passed, and the Fire Writers are nearing victory in the war. 

Some people believe that the Avatar Blogger was never reborn into the Air Readers, and that the cycle is broken. But I haven’t lost hope. I still believe that somehow, the Avatar Blogger will return to save the book world!

How to become the Avatar Blogger:

  • To become the Avatar Blogger and save the book world from the Fire Writer Lord, the Avatar Blogger must master all four elements.
  • To master an element, a blogger must be tagged in one of the four following tags: Book of Water Tag, Book of Earth Tag, Book of Fire Tag, Book of Air Tag.
  • Once a blogger has posted all four tags to their page, they can message the Order of the White Lotus (@onmybookshelff) on twitter to receive the Avatar Blogger Award. (Not first come first serve. Everyone can get the award!)

Rules of this Tag: 

  • Thank whomever tagged you
  • Callback to the creator of the tag: Andrew @ On My Bookshelf 
  • Answer the 7 questions below
  • Help other potential Avatar Bloggers by tagging 3 other bloggers.
  • Spread the love and read other’s posts

This is the fourth of four tags in the Avatar Blogger Award. It has been a lot of fun writing and posting these tags, and I wish you best of luck if you pursue the Award for yourself.

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Air Readers live in remote settlements, often in the side of a mountain.
Where is your favourite place to read, feel free to share pictures!

I don’t really have a special reading nook or a comfy chair. I try to sneak in reading here and there. I’m often reading a page or two while I am cooking dinner, brushing my teeth, or even as I am doing dishes.

I probably read the most in bed while I get ready in the morning, or for the twenty minutes I set aside before bed.

After the 100 Year War, Avatar Aang and the Air Acolytes had to rebuild the Air Readers order, almost from nothing. 
If you could start a book or series over again, re-experiencing all the awesome moments, which book or series would it be?

I would definitely pick the Stormlight Archive series. There are so many moments that literally had me cheering out loud. I want to experience that joy and excitement again.

The orange clothing is one of the many things that make Air Readers easily recognizable. 
What are some of your orange covered books.

I only have one book with an orange cover. I think orange is a beautiful color, but underused in a lot of things.

Air Readers, male and female, shave off some or all of their hair to reveal their tattoos underneath. 
Do you have any hardcover books with a beautiful cover that is hidden by the dust jacket?

Unfortunately upon further examination, I don’t own that many books with beautiful hardcovers. They’re all a little bland, but I kind of like the Steelheart, Firefight, and Calamity books by Brandon Sanderson. They’re simple but I like the single letter on the black book cover.

An Air Reader’s best friend is their sky bison.
What bookish animal/companion would you want to be your best friend?

Old Dan and Little Ann from Where the Red Fern Grows. Two loyal raccoon hunting dogs. Who could ask for a better companion to have by my side?

Avatar Aang was the inventor of the Air scooter, and all Air Benders worth their salt must master it if they want to have some fun racing it.
What is one book you recently had a lot of fun reading?

I actually just finished this book last night. I received it as part of a Book Tour and it is probably my favourite YA series, or definitely top three. It is called Knightmare Arcanist. It has magic, pirates, and mystery. It is a lot of fun exploring the world and piecing together the magical powers each character has, and how it ties into the world around them.

One of the forms of air bending is projecting your spirit.
If you could live in any book world, what world would you choose?

Again, I think this might have to be the Knightmare Arcanist. I really love the concept behind the magic system; bonding with a certain magical creature/entity (phoenix, kraken, unicorn, etc.) and gaining magical powers based off of their abilities.

Assuming I would be lucky enough to become a magic user, I think I would pick this world.

I Tag:
The Tattooed Book Geek
JenJen Reviews
Sophia Ismaa
Tessa Talks Books
Yna the Mood Reader

If you have made it this far, you have mastered the element of Water, bringing you one step closer to becoming the Avatar Blogger. Good luck to you in your training.

6 thoughts on “Book of Air Tag: Avatar Blogger Award

  1. Thank you so much for nominating me! I loved your answers and I agree that the nightmare arcanist has an incredibly beautiful magical system. I would go for a dragon for sure to bond with. But I’m assuming reading when you’re brushing your teeth is audiobooks, right? I can’t process how it would work otherwise.

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