Solve it Sunday: Trial by Logic

Hello dear readers, welcome back to another Solve it Sunday.

These types of puzzles are my favourite to do…so I hope you enjoy.

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For this trial, no knowledge of the world’s workings is needed. Your ability to think logically is the only thing being tested.

A collection of sales reps find themselves stuck in an airport en route to separate business meetings. From the information below, can you say what goods the company POWER PROJECTS sell?

  • C.A.F are based in either Holland or Portugal, and their rep is traveling to either Frankfurt or Paris.
  • The Power Projects rep is traveling to either Barcelona or Prague.
  • The Belgian company sells either designer equipment or robotics.
  • The film camera company is either TekTrex or 3ird Eye, and is either Portuguese or Belgian.
  • The company that sells protective gear is sending a rep to either Prague or Frankfurt.
  • The rep who is traveling to Glasgow sells either robotics or leatherwear.
  • Karma’s rep is traveling to either Barcelona or Frankfurt, is based in either Portugal or Italy, and sells either protective gear or designer equipment.
  • 3ird Eye’s rep is traveling to Glasgow or Frankfurt, and either sells film cameras or protective gear.
  • There is a company that is based in Denmark.

Use the below table to help solve the puzzle.


I was unable to figure this one out in the end, but I did come close. I only had a few squares mixed up.

Best of luck to you, and let me know in the comments if you solved it!

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One thought on “Solve it Sunday: Trial by Logic

    TEKTREX, a Belgian company, sell robotics and are sending a rep to Glasgow
    Karma, an Italian company, sell designer equipment and are sending a rep to Barcelona
    3ird Eye, a Portuguese company, sell film cameras and are sending a rep to Frankfurt
    Power Projects, a Danish company, sell protective gear and are sending a rep to Prague
    C.A.F, a Dutch company, sell leatherwear and are sending a rep to Paris


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