Solve it Sunday: Sitting Comfortably

Hello dear readers, welcome back to another Solve it Sunday.

Today’s puzzle is rather simple to test out. All it takes is you sitting down in a chair and trying it out.

Best of luck to you, and as always, the answer is in the comments.

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Try sitting straight on a chair, with your back and lower legs vertical, and your thighs horizontal. You will discoed that if you neither move your feet nor bend your torso forward, it is impossible to stand up.

Feel free to try it. You will be unable to stand until you either move your feet back, or your chest forward.

Why is that?

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One thought on “Solve it Sunday: Sitting Comfortably

    The issue is one of balance. If you sit straight, as described, your centre of gravity is located behind your feet (the point where you are trying to balance). Until you reposition your centre of gravity over your feet by leaning forward and/or moving your feet back, you will never be able to stand.


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