Solve it Sunday: Barefoot Doctor

Hello dear readers.

Here is yet another puzzle from the book Einstein’s Puzzle Universe, a book full of really fun puzzles that will really make you think.

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It is likely that you have walked around a cold house barefoot at some time or another in your life. If so, you will probably have noticed that under such conditions, carpeted floors feel warmer to walk on than tile.

It should be clear that this is the case even when there is absolutely no difference between the actual temperatures of the various stretches of flooring. So why do we perceive a difference?

As always, answer is in the comments.

One thought on “Solve it Sunday: Barefoot Doctor

    The disparity is down to thermal conductivity. Tile conducts heat very efficiently, so when you step on it, the heat is quickly drawn from the sole of your foot, and you are aware of that rapid shift in temperature.

    Carpet on the other hand, conducts heat very poorly, so your feet lose heat far less quickly. You feel this difference as the carpet being warm while the tile is cold, but the truth is they are the same temperature in and of themselves


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