Solve it Sunday: Pendulum

Hello dear readers, its time to dust off your riddle solving skills today.

This week’s puzzle doesn’t have any math involved like last week, but it’s still a bit tricky.

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A pendulum is a very simple machine, but a highly interesting one none the less. A pair of identical pendulums suspended in a vacuum jar will, naturally enough, move in perfect synchrony once set swinging. If you lengthen the string of one of the pair, it will slow down, falling behind the other. Similarly if you instead shortened the string, it would speed up.

What would happen if you kept the strings the same length, and instead replaced one of the weights with a similarly sized bob made of substantially lighter material?

Best of luck in solving this! Sometimes trusting your gut helps.

One thought on “Solve it Sunday: Pendulum

    It would make no difference. Pendulums work entirely by gravity. Since gravity acts on all molecules in an object simultaneously, the weight of the bob is irrelevant. In fact, in a vacuum, the size of the pendulum’s bob is likewise of no significance. It is solely dependent on the length of string


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