5 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Social Media

If you’re using social media to promote or market anything, you’ll want them to reach the most people as possible.

But, in these times when social media rules seem to be ever changing, there are plenty of things you could be doing that can hurt your social media presence instead of helping it.

I’ve given you 5 things you might be doing wrong, but there’s no shame in it.

This isn’t an exact science, so what’s wrong for one person might be right for another. These are just general guidelines to follow to get the most success possible.

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1. You’re Not Engaging in Your Community

A big part of growing on social media is knowing and interacting with the community. Like similar content, comment on posts, reply to other’s comments. These simple things will get your name out there for more people to see, plus it often leaves you in a positive light with others in the community.

If you ignore the community, your social channels will likely not grow as quickly.

A bonus of engaging with the community is that you can get a sense of what content they enjoy and what content they don’t.

2. You’re Over Posting, Under Posting, or Posting Inconsistently

Platforms like Twitter allow you to have a conversation by posting more tweets. That’s not the same for platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Posting too often on Facebook or Instagram might annoy your audiences, but posting too infrequently, your audience won’t be interested in what you have to say.

A consistent schedule allows your followers to know when to expect your content, even if they don’t realize it.

It’s tough to find the perfect amount of times to post per week, but its best to test it out before you go too crazy in either direction. Try posting 2-3 times per week at first, and make notes of the stats on those posts.

Then, post more or less often and examine those results. You’ll likely notice a positive or negative change. Use those results to find the perfect posting schedule for your content.

3. You Haven’t Put Much Thought Into It

Not every social media platform might work for you. Just because Twitter is popular, doesn’t mean its right for you. The same applies to all platforms.

You don’t have to join a certain social media platform just because “everyone else does.” Take the time and find the social media platforms that will work best for your style, and the style of your content.

Focus on one platform at a time. Understand how it works and build it up. Once you’ve established yourself to a level you find comfortable, then you can focus on a second platform.

The same applies to your content. Many people don’t find success on social media because they aren’t posting relevant content.

Take a few hours at the beginning of every month and plan your content for a few weeks. It might change if things come up or become impossible to do, but scheduling your content before hand will leave you less stressed and posting more relevant content.

4. You’re Not Telling People Where to Find You

If you’ve heard of the movie Field of Dreams, you might assume “If you Build it, They will Come” is true for everything.

That’s not how social media works. You can create the best content in the world, but if nobody knows it exists, it won’t be seen.

Share your content on other platforms. Let people know on your blog, in your videos, or wherever you create content.

It will let them know your social media channels exist, and remind them if they haven’t followed you yet.

5. You’re Not Willing to Change

The biggest part of growing on any platform is the ability to change. You need to adapt to new interests, changes in your audience’s likes and dislikes, as well as new trends in the community.

If you’re not allowing yourself to change and learn from your past, you’re not going to get better. Your content will become old and your numbers won’t increase.

Don’t shut down any criticism. Accept it and learn how you can change from it.

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