5 Tips to Stand Out Online

In today’s online world, it can feel impossible to break the mold and gain followers. There are always people becoming famous seemingly overnight, while others take weeks, months, or even years to get where they want to be.

Why is that? What is it that makes people stand out and grow their platforms?

One answer is that they are unique. They have created a platform like no other on the internet, and have gained followers who are interested in the content.

This might not mean they have come up with a brand new idea that nobody has ever heard of before, it means that they have figured out what is popular online right now and tweaked it until it became their own.

If you’re looking to grow your online platform, you’ll want to be unique too. So, I’ve come up with five ways you can be unique online.

Remember that this isn’t a masterclass, and this isn’t a perfect science. Everyone has things that will work differently for them, but these are general ideas of what you can do to grow your platform.

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Find Your Voice

Probably the most important thing to remember when you are trying to be unique is to literally be yourself. Embrace your voice, your writing style, and your personality in your posts.

Adopt your voice and use it in the way you interact online.

Nobody can sound like you, no matter how much they try. Your voice and your writing style are almost as unique as your DNA.

By using your voice, you not only have a more unique interaction with your audiences, you also give your platform a voice that people can relate to and expect in the future.

Seek Relationships…Not Just Followers

People debate left and right as to whether your followers/stats are a solid metric on how to gauge success.

But, it is well known that having 100 followers that engage with you constantly is better than having 10,000 who ignore you.

Here are some quick ideas on how you can build relationships online

  • @mention people you reference in your social media posts
  • Answer questions people ask you as often as you can, and sound human, not like an automated reply
  • Reply when people @mention you or share your content — even just to say thanks
  • Don’t just Retweet and Like other people’s content; reply with a comment to start a conversation

Get Visual…With Your Own Flare

When in doubt, posting something visual is a great idea. It gives your audience something to look at.

BUT, don’t just post something visual just because you have no other option. If you do that, you’re not being unique.

Have a visual “signature”. Figure out your color palette, your visual identity, and whatever else you need to ensure people know it is you they are looking at.

Piggyback on What’s Trending

Jumping on what’s trending doesn’t sound too unique does it?

Well truth be told, it’s not.

What is unique about it, or what can be unique about it, is that you can add your own flare to it.

Take whatever trending meme, hashtag, dance, or popular topic and add your brand’s personality to it. That’ll give your audience an opportunity to see your platform’s personality in the things you post.

Just ensure that you are careful not to engage with controversial topics that can be seen as something negative. This could be end up being bad for you in the long run.

Create, Create, Create

If you want to stand out online, you can’t just copy the content everyone else is posting.

To be simple, you need to create something new.

Whether you’re trying to build yourself up as a thought leader or want to stand apart from your competitors, original content is how you’re going to make it happen.

This can be plenty of things, but some ideas that you can create that can be entirely unique are: blog posts, research or infographics.

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