Manga Review: Girls Last Tour


Title: Girls Last Tour
Author: Tsukumizu
Genre: Iyashikei, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction
Volumes: 6
Rating: If you can handle a slow-burn, dreary manga, it’s worth the read.

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The manga is rather slow. Right from the start, there isn’t a whole lot going on. Despite that, it interested me.

The dreariness and morose attitude made me want to continue reading to see where the protagonists would end up.

A post-apocalyptic story following two children with no real goal in mind opens the doors to a world of possibilities, but unfortunately this manga didn’t hit the mark properly.

Not sure where to go.

My problem with the manga was that there was no overall goal for the girls to achieve.

Here and there we were reminded that they were looking to get to the top floor of the structure, but they didn’t seem eager to achieve it.

They sort of just had it in the back of their minds, and whenever they were lost or unsure where life would take them, they bring up the goal of reaching the top floor.

The End is Nigh

From the beginning the protagonists have a dreadful life. More than once they bring up the notion of their deaths and the very real possibility that they could die at any time.

Despite that, they do everything they can to enjoy their life, whether it’s finding a random item of ancient technology, or making new friends.

I think the dread that is present through the story is one of the main reasons I enjoyed the manga so much. It sets the tone right from the start, and you get to ride that feeling through the whole story.

Final Thoughts

This won’t be the best or most interesting manga you’ll ever read. It’s slow burning and it doesn’t have as much of a pay-off as I would have liked, but at the end of the day I think it is enjoyable. It is an interesting post-apocalyptic story with the main focus being children, which isn’t common in my experience.

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