Manga Review: Green Worldz by Yuusuke Oosawa

Title: Green Worldz
Author: Yuusuke Oosawa
Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Manga
Chapters: 114
Rating: Quick based, lots of plot holes, but a fun read.

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Plot Holes in Abundance

The overall plot of Green Worldz is relatively simple, but there are plenty of plot holes and conveniences that border on annoying.

The world is overrun by sentient plant life and the human race is quickly being killed, eaten, or turned into plants themselves.

Because the manga is so short, it makes sense that the creator would include some blatantly obvious plot connections, but they appear so often that it gets a bit confusing and annoying.

One chapter a character is with Group A, and by the next chapter he is with Group B saving them from some crazy monster.

It’s not a far leap to make the connection, but its often used as a Deus ex Machina moment, which gets annoying.

Concept = Cliche but Fun

The overall concept of Green Worldz has been interesting me more and more of late. It involves a world taken over by monsters of some kind and the humans struggle to service and destroy the monsters.

A few similar mangas have gone with the “doll-like” creatures that come to Earth, so Green Worldz was nice because it was plants, which I think gave them a but more creative freedom to work with.

It’s a bit cliche, aliens attacking earth and people struggle to survive is nothing new, and giving the protagonist a love interest to fight and survive for is a tale as old as time, but the plant-life take on it all is refreshing and overall fun.

Yuusuke Oosawa uses the plant focus and utilizes it perfectly in the story. He did his research and utilized some interesting biological aspects that really brought the concept to life.

Overall Story

The overall story is pretty simple. Our protagonist is in love with this girl and he fights to survive and find her in this apocalyptic Earth. He joins together with a group of other survivors as they overcome harder and harder enemies.

There is time travel involved near the end of the story, which I am not a big fan of. This is a big negative in my eyes, but it doesn’t overwhelm the plot so I wasn’t too upset by it.

It’s not an original story, but it’s good enough in my eyes and it was fun seeing the creativity that came with surviving in a world desolated by plant monsters.

Final Thoughts

Green Worldz is a quick read compared to other manga series out there. Before you know it, the story is half done and the action is only just beginning.

It’s lighthearted but it has its moments of surprise and tension. There’s some great action moments and the fight scenes are rather brilliant at times.

If you’re interested in an action-focused manga that is a quick and easy read, Green Worldz is a great choice for you.

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