Book Tour & Review: Netted by K.T Rose


Title: Netted
Author: K.T. Rose
Genre: Thriller
Page Count: 106
Rating: Short and Sweet

Before I begin, I would like to thank Blackthorn Book Tours for giving me a copy of this book to read as a part of a book tour, in exchange for an honest review.

When a serial killer pulls Dale and Jessica into his world of torture and murder, they are left fighting to escape the clutches of a sadistic cult leader.

Dale simply wanted to rebound from a failed relationship. Now, he is fighting to escape abduction.

Jessica’s curiosity led her onto the dark web where she found The Silent Red Room Show. She admired the show from afar…until she found herself sucked in.

Will these perfect strangers survive the dark web? Or will they become a part of a vicious serial killer’s deadly collection?

Hits Reality on the Head

When a scary story can be scary and based in reality, you know the author has chosen a good topic. It’s easy to rely on scary monsters or supernatural beings to tell a story, but often times the true horror comes when you realize all the things that take place can be entirely real.

Netted does a good job of taking you for a thrill ride of events that take place every single day. We may not hear about these events all the time, and when we do, we adopt the “as long as its not me, its okay” mindset. There is a danger in that mindset, and I think Netted does a good job of shedding light on that reality and hopefully bringing it to the forefront of people’s minds.

Wanted More

Netted comes in just over 100 pages. It covers a lot, and takes the reader on a thrill ride as you read through it, but its too short. It can’t explore the thrills too deeply or you’d be half finished the book.

I would have wanted something deeper, with more complex issues, more thrill, and more consequences to the actions the characters take.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed Netted. I liked that it is grounded in reality, and doesn’t rely on supernatural elements that too often appear in books.

It is written simply, but eloquently enough that you are not left wanting for more from the author’s writing style. My only complaint is the length of the book doesn’t allow for proper character development or any real consequences.

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