Writing Update: January 26, 2021

Hello dear readers. Something interesting happened to me this past week when I was writing.

When I had started this project, I had character in mind that I would consider the “main” character of all the protagonists.

I was planning on utilizing multiple POVs in the story I am writing, but one of the characters would ultimately be the main one. I’ve actually come up with the ending for this main character already, and I can’t wait to get to the end of their story, but this is the interesting thing that happened.

This “main” character is the one I am having the most difficulty writing. The other three POVs I have been writing have had such interesting things going on and I have loved diving deeper into the character’s struggles and obstacles.

With the main character, I find it difficult to really open him up. It’s tough to dive deeper into his story because it’s not an interesting story. I know that’s weird to say since I am the one that has created his backstory, but I’ve backed myself into a corner because I don’t want his past to be important, I want his future to be.

I’m nowhere near done my first draft, and I know things will change the more I write, but where I am right now it’s tough to like my main character more than the rest.

Is this normal when writing a story? I’ve never written anything this long before, and I have never created characters this deep before, so I can’t say I am an expert in any means.

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