Writing Update: February 16, 2020

These past few weeks I have had a better understanding of people when they say “life is too short.”

I don’t fully accept that reasoning, but I understand why people live their life based off of that premise. Life is literally the thing you have the most of. Friends, family, hobbies, they all come and go. The one thing that remains with you right up until the end is life. That might mean 30 years, that might mean 90, but either way you live however long you’re meant to live.

I get a bit annoyed when people claim life is too short to _________. I find it’s often used as a bullshit excuse that people rely on.

I don’t like to waste time. Why waste a single second of this life when I can be constantly learning, growing, watching, listening, reading, creating? Everything has a lesson to teach. Sometimes you have to dig deeper to learn that lesson, but there is always a lesson.

This weekend, the Valentine’s weekend, my girlfriend spent time at my place. Especially since Covid-19 hit, I try to spend time with her instead of cleaning, writing, reading, etc. that I normally would do if she wasn’t around or if she was around more often.

I feel bad admitting it, but a part of me was upset with myself because I wanted to be writing, I wanted to be reading, I wanted to be cleaning my apartment, but I knew that I needed to spend time with her.

We had a great weekend, but a part of me understood how people feel when they say life is too short. There’s no time to do all of the things we want to do. There’s no time to read, write, clean, and be with the woman I love.

I think that’s bullshit. There’s always time. If you want there to be time, you’ll find the time if it’s something you truly care about. Will my writing career stop before it even starts because I spent a weekend focusing on my girlfriend and not writing a book? No. Would my relationship be in trouble if I spent time on Valentine’s Day writing instead of being with my girlfriend? There’s a good chance haha.

Always know what it is you want most in life. If you truly want it, you’ll make sacrifices for it. You’ll make time for it.

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